Long-lost trailer will make you regret this sci-fi Zorro movie never happened

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Jul 4, 2015, 11:30 AM EDT (Updated)

A sci-fi reboot of the classic adventure story Zorro has been bouncing around development hell the past few years, though it never managed to make it out alive. But the ass-kicking concept trailer has finally made it out into the wild. Want to see?

The footage was reportedly put together to show Fox executives what the proposed project, dubbed Zorro Reborn, would look like on the big screen. It would have apparently starred Gael García Bernal as the titular hero, with Peruvian director Ricardo de Montreuil calling the shots as director.

So how does it look? A little weird, but surprisingly cool. Think Firefly meets Elysium meets … well ... Zorro. You get some nice swordplay, some sci-fi shenanigans and a workable twist on the classic legend. All in all, not a bad pitch.

The concept trailer was reportedly directed by Montreuil, with indie actor Jason Day filling in as Zorro. It was shot in 2012 on location in South Africa, according to Show Biz Cafe, for a budget of around $100,000. Considering the lack of big names and the risky concept, the studio didn’t bite, and the trailer has languished ever since. At least, until now.

Here’s the rumored synopsis:

The premise has a meteorite crashing into Earth in the future that destroys much of California and Mexico leaving it as a desert. After the dust settles, that same meteorite is discovered to be a supreme source of energy, which a new hostile corporation assumes. People begin flocking to New San Diego for work only to find out they’re now being oppressed. It is then that Alejandro Fox, a descendant of Don Diego de la Vega, the original Zorro, emerges as the hero that will answer the people’s cry for justice.

Check out the footage below and marvel at what could have been:

What do you think? Would you like to see a full film based on this concept?

(Via Show Biz Cafe)