Look of the Week: Three generations of Strode women at the TIFF Halloween premiere

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Sep 16, 2018

Welcome back to Look of the Week, celebrating the best in TV and film sartorial excellence, past and present, across sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and other genre classics.

Ditching the Final Girl casual attire for something more premiere-appropriate, three generations of Strode women attended the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival to showcase the new installment of Halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as the iconic Laurie Strode. However, her son (as played by Josh Hartnett in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later) has been replaced by a grown-up daughter, Karen (Judy Greer). Karen has an adolescent daughter of her own, Allyson (Andi Matichak) — proof that if there is something a Halloween movie needs, it's teens. This version is set to explore the generational trauma caused by the actions of Michael Myers on that October night way back in 1978.



The initial reaction at TIFF was pretty positive, suggesting that fans of the original Halloween — which I definitely count myself in the ranks of — will be happy with the David Gordon Green-directed reboot-quel. Forget everything that came between John Carpenter’s first Halloween outing and this new addition, because those sequels don’t exist on this particular timeline.

I have a well-documented fondness for Laurie’s last battle with Michael, but this clean-slate approach to the story makes so much sense. By doing away with those installments, it ensures the story can focus on Laurie and what happens to the Final Girl after the credits roll on her first battle. She might have survived, but this doesn’t mean the nightmare is over. The hashtags on Jamie Lee Curtis' Instagram say it all — this reaction shot is exactly why I am looking forward to this sequel.

At TIFF, Michael Myers stalked the streets of Toronto, but inside Curtis looked chic in a simple white dress. Greer opted for a bold pink chiffon Carolina Herrera big-bowed frock, and Matichak’s delicate floral embellished sequin Miu Miu was a beautiful choice.

At the Entertainment Weekly “Must List” party hosted on the same day, there was a bit more coordination, though not to the point where it was too matchy-matchy. For this event, all three women ditched the frocks for a menswear-inspired aesthetic. Judy Greer’s slouchy gray double-breasted suit paired with a simple white tee and silver pumps was a classic spin on this trend. She topped it off with a button that read “I stand with women in film.”



Check is a go-to pattern this season; Jamie Lee Curtis’ high-waisted pants, black blouse, and brogues is what I want to wear to the office and a party. Meanwhile, Andi Matichak continues to dig the floral touch in an outfit that put a youthful twist on an all-black ensemble.

Promotion for Halloween also extends to Good Housekeeping magazine, which is not necessarily what every horror fan reads, but this cover image is a stylish spooky delight. On Instagram, Curtis notes there is very little Photoshop that has been done to this shot, which is encouraging. The double denim feels like a 2018 twist on the traditional Laurie Strode outfit that defined Final Girl style 40 years ago. Inside the issue, there is also an untucked button-down shirt paired with jeans, which is a fun play on Final Girl attire. 

In the interview, Jamie Lee Curtis explains how getting fired from a role at the start of her career led to getting cast as Laurie Strode: “I was devastated; I thought it was the end of my life. But had I not been fired, I would not have been able to go up for the movie Halloween — which basically gave me the life I have today.” Sometimes the things that are the most heartbreaking are a blessing rather than a curse.

She also discusses this current period of her life. “On the very clear passage of 50s to 60s, I have no time to waste. None. If you have creative ideas and you don’t bring them out into the world in some way before you go, that is a tragedy.” Some valuable words of wisdom to live by.

This is only the start of the Halloween press tour, as the movie isn’t out until October 19, but I am heartened by the way these three women are being presented as a force. The trauma that is central to Laurie’s story is being discussed in a nuanced manner, including Curtis recalling a touching moment on the set of David Gordon Green’s directed sequel.

One image that has stayed with me since I first saw it on Andi Matichak’s Instagram features all three Strode women in matching striped henleys with Matichak shouting out the “strength, kindness & mentorship” of Curtis and Greer. This is a movie about a monster of a man, but the actresses playing the Strodes are inspirational and I cannot wait to see them come together in the fight against Michael Myers in Halloween when it hits theaters next month.

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