Look out After Earth—WIll Smith prepping ANOTHER big sci-fi movie

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Mar 18, 2013, 12:34 PM EDT

Megastar Will Smith has been working on a sci-fi flick based on Dennis Feltham Jones’ 1966 novel Colossus for about two years now, and it looks like he’s finally ready to get rolling on what should be his next big genre movie.

Described as a “contemporary Frankenstein story about the world's first sentient computer and the misunderstood genius who gains power over the world because of it," this one sounds like it could be pretty high-concept sci-fi fare.

The latest movement? Men In Black writer Ed Solomon has been hired to take another crack at the script, which has been languishing in development hell for a few years. Solomon has the sci-fi background, and he’s proven he can handle writing for Smith, so it seems like a good fit.

Smith is wading back into the hard sci-fi pool this year with his crashed-spaceship tale After Earth, and it seems he’s content to crank out a few more before heading back to action flicks and comedies.

Ron Howard was attached to direct at one point, but no one knows if it’s still on his to-do list. Besides, we’re still waiting on that Dark Tower flick, Ron.

Would you be interesting in checking this one out in a few years?

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