Look out, J.J., Bryan Singer wants to direct Star Trek!

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Mar 12, 2013, 11:32 AM EDT

J.J. Abrams taking on Star Wars means there might be a directorial spot to fill for Star Trek, and Bryan Singer aims to fill it.

Despite Simon Pegg's insistence that Abrams will return for a third Trek film, it's easy to imagine that his hands will simply be too full with Disney's many Star Wars films. But don't fret, because X-Men director Bryan Singer is more than willing to handle the job.

While talking about the challenges of taking on a franchise that another director has already made his own, Singer dropped hints that he might be tempted to steal away Abrams' baby.

...a sequel to a character charged Star Trek... I'm friends with some of the cast and I was on the set recently. I'm friends with J.J. Abrams and so I was on the set visiting, which was really cool and it looks really awesome. They're really great people. Chris Pine is lovely and I'm friends with Zachary Quinto and they're all great. That would be the most fun part, to work with those people and to work with the lore that I love. I just...I'm like, the pressure of doing it would freak me out. Or might freak me out. That being said, if someone presented a story and a structure and the original director was supporting you, really supporting you and producing with you and behind you then maybe it would be a great experience.

While Singer seems cautious, it's difficult to deny that he's obviously interested. What do you think? Is Singer the right fit for Trek? Personally, we're holding out to see how Days of Future Past pans out before we make our judgment.

(via Comic Book Movie)