Look which 2 former Doctors will pop up in Gaiman's Who episode

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May 3, 2013, 12:04 PM EDT

Doctor Who’s 50th-anniversary special may only include the Tenth (David Tennant) and Eleventh (Matt Smith) Doctors, but Neil Gaiman’s penultimate season-seven episode is sure to surprise fans by adding former Time Lords.


Titled “Nightmare in Silver,” Gaiman’s episode sees the return of those pesky Cybermen. His mission from Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat was to make these classic Who monsters “scary again.”

So our beloved Mad Man in the Big Blue Box will get captured by the Cybermen, who will then dig into his timey-wimey Time Lord brain and look through all his previous regenerations.

Apparently, all those former Doctors will make appearances, including the late First Doctor William Hartnell and Third Doctor Jon Pertwee, as they'll flash up on a screen.

Basically, it’ll be something similar to what we’ve already seen in “The Next Doctor” and “The Eleventh Hour,” when they used stock footage of all the previous Time Lords and projected them.

Below is the episode synopsis again:

Hedgewick’s World of Wonders was once the greatest theme park in the galaxy, but it’s now the dilapidated home to a shabby showman, a chess-playing dwarf and a dysfunctional army platoon. When the Doctor, Clara, Artie and Angie arrive, the last thing they expect is the re-emergence of one of the Doctor’s oldest foes. The Cybermen are back!

The Cybermen were last seen in the season-six episode “Closing Time.” For “Nightmare in Silver,” Moffat and company have decided to return to the original monsters with a revamped look.

Neil Gaiman has revealed that he thought back on some classic Doctor Who serials, “The Moonbase” and “The Tomb of the Cybermen” (1967), and he decided to “take the 1960s Cybermen and [incorporate] everything that’s happened since.”

Are you guys excited or disappointed about the way we'll get to see the old Doctors back on Doctor Who?

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