Look which actress from HBO's Girls might be the next Sue Storm

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Apr 30, 2013, 8:13 PM EDT (Updated)

So the Fantastic Four reboot is going to start filming this summer, huh? Probably should start casting it RIGHT NOW. 

We are excited to see the Fantastic Four back in theaters. Heck, we even came up with a list of our own for who we'd like to see in it. But time, she is running out to cast actors for the new film. Thank goodness we've finally heard our first piece of casting gossip.

Keep in mind this is a little thin. Here's what Deadline had to say:

I’ve heard (Allison) Williams is also on the short for the Fantastic Four reboot, which is in the very early talking stage.

We know Allison Williams from the hugely successful and controversial HBO show Girls. Like the rest of the women in the show, she's more than a little emotionally broken and trying to figure out how to function outside of her long-term relationship.

While we there's no word who she's auditioning for, we think it's pretty safe to say it's Sue Storm. Her potential casting wouldn't be noteworthy if it weren't for a major role, and Sue is the only main female character on the team.

If this turns out to be true, Williams is an interesting choice. This kind of reminds us of the last Fantastic Four movie where they pooled some actors from cable shows. It worked with Michael Chiklis. Maybe lightning will strike twice.

What do yout think -- better or worse than Jessica Alba?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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