Look which Being Human star screen-tested to be the 11th Doctor

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Apr 29, 2013, 11:40 AM EDT

After three seasons as the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who, it’s hard to think of anyone else but Matt Smith in the role. But a Being Human star could have stepped into the very big shoes of the beloved Time Lord.

Russell Tovey, who played lovable werewolf George on four seasons of the BBC’s Being Human, actually screen-tested to play Doctor Numero Eleven in the wake of David Tennant’s departure.

Tovey had previously appeared on Doctor Who as Alonso Frame in "Voyage of the Damned" and in a cameo in "The End of Time."

In an interview with The Independent, Tovey said:

“Russell texted me to say, ‘Look, I’ve said this quote about how you should be the next Doctor Who, so if it goes a bit crazy …’ And I was, ‘Oh, that’s fine …’, and then suddenly it just went everywhere: people messaging me from my childhood and lots of remarks like, ‘His ears are too big for the TARDIS, they’ll be flapping about.’ People were starting to get really personal.”

In the end, Russell Tovey admits he was relieved that the role went to Matt Smith instead of him, saying: “It would have terrified me. I don’t know what I would have done with all the attention.”

What do you guys think? Do you believe Russell Tovey would have made for an excellent Doctor on Who?

(The Independent via Doctor Who TV)