Look who might charge into Amazing Spider-Man 2 as The Rhino

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Jan 28, 2013, 4:08 PM EST

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 already has a major villain in Jamie Foxx's Electro, but now it looks like Spidey will also have to contend with The Rhino.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Golden Globe-winner and Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti (American SplendorSidewaysJohn Adams) is "in talks" to play the Spidey villain first introduced back in 1966 in The Amazing Spider-Man #41. Traditionally, Rhino's been a super-criminal who sports a suit that grants him super speed and strength, and boasts a wicked horn on top of his head, but recent years he's actually allied with Spider-Man a bit. However, his affiliation with the supervillain group Sinister Six also makes him an ally of Electro at times. Which side will he come down on? We'll have to wait for the flick to find out.

If he takes the role, Giamatti will join returning stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, along with Foxx and newcomers Shailene Woodley (as Mary Jane Watson) and Dane DeHaan (as Harry Osborn). There's been no official announcement just yet, but it seems likely Giamatti will sign up, since he's publicly declared himself a Rhino fan.

“I thought Rhino was the greatest thing when I was a little kid,” he said in a 2011 interview with ShowbizSpy. “It was a guy who was basically in this rhinoceros outfit and I always thought, ‘Why don’t they have The Rhino in one of their movies,’ but maybe The Rhino wasn’t that big of a deal for anybody but me...If they ever go with The Rhino I would be ready and waiting.”

So, it looks like Spidey will have even more villainy to contend with the second time around. What do you think? Is Giamatti the right choice for Rhino?

(Via THR)

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