Look which big-time director was pitched and passed on Avengers

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Before Joss Whedon stepped in to direct this summer's successful little film called The Avengers, there was another big-name director who was invited to pitch in on the Marvel Studios blockbuster film.

Skyfall director Sam Mendes revealed that he (along with a few others) had been approached to direct The Avengers.

Mendes says he was not really interested in making the comic-book movie. "I mean, that's not my world particularly," he said. "I'll go see it, particularly with my kids, but I didn't want to make it."

About receiving the packet for The Avengers from Marvel, Mendes revealed that he was rather turned off by the studio's release date approach to the film:

With a lot of these movies, the date's announced before anything exists, let alone a script. The funniest letter I got — they were sending [a packet for] The Avengers, right? For directors to pitch — and I got a package, which was full of comic books, but no treatment; there was no script. But the cover letter said "Marvel's Avengers will be released on May 3, 2012" or whatever it was. That was the first sentence of the cover letter. Not, "We have the pleasure of enclosing the materials..." or "Here is the script for..." But the release date. That was the first sentence.

Can you guys imagine for a brief moment how The Avengers would/could have been different if Sam Mendes had been at the helm? Do you think Mendes' style would have fit in with the superhero movie?

(Moviefone via Slash Film)

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