Look which Time Lord wants to come back for Doctor Who's 50th now

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Dec 16, 2012

Doctor Who's 50th anniversary is coming up in 2013, and we just know that Steven Moffat will make it one heck of an anniversary to remember. If we look at past traditions, we can expect some appearances from former Doctors.

Former 10th Doctor David Tennant is willing to do it; Sylvester McCoy, who played the seventh incarnation of the Time Lord, wants to do it, too; and current 11th Doctor Matt Smith has already expressed a desire to get as many old Doctors back as possible for the show's 50th anniversary—even though Fifth Doctor Peter Davison doubts it'll ever happen.

But you can absolutely forget Christopher Eccleston ever making an encore appearance as the Ninth Doctor.

Now let's move on to better news, shall we?

Paul McGann, who played the dashing and romantic Eight Doctor (he was the first one to snog his companion) confirms he is more than up/ready/willing for a return to Doctor Who.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the charming British actor said:

"Being Doctor Who, there's always anniversaries looming large—celebration programmes and episodes. I'm often asked, if they get the five Doctors together, would you do it?' and of course, I'd do it. They've just got to ring me up!" He added that even though he was in the show "for six weeks, sixteen years ago, it never goes away."

McGann has the distinction of appearing in only one storyline—the much-maligned 1996 TV movie that also starred Eric Roberts as the Master (don't ask). But although the film was never fully embraced by most Doctor Who fans, the Eight Doctor—and McGann—were.

So much so that the actor has starred in several Big Finish audio plays featuring the adventures of the Eight Doctor ... and recently got a whole new costume and look to boot!

Would you like to see Paul McGann return as the Eight Doctor for Who's 50th-anniversary shinding? Do you think Steven Moffat will even go there?

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