Looking for Leia kicks off crowdfunding campaign for new docu-series format

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Mar 22, 2018, 2:01 PM EDT

A documentary dedicated to the girls and women who love Star Wars is taking the next step in bringing their experiences to the screen.

Looking for Leia, a documentary by award-winning filmmaker, psychotherapist and self-described Star Wars fan Annalise Ophelian, has already evolved beyond the feature film format originally envisioned for this project. In fact, when we spoke with Ophelian in an interview last year, she said she already had enough material for "several feature films" worth of female experiences in fandom. Now, Looking for Leia won't be a documentary but a multi-part docu-series consisting of six episodes, all spotlighting the generations upon generations of women who are a part of Star Wars fandom.

Today, Ophelian announced a new crowdfunding campaign for Looking for Leia via Seed & Spark, a site that helps independent filmmakers achieve their goals while allowing subscribers to support the projects they're most passionate about. Over a 30-day period, LFL's goal is to raise enough funds to cover a number of costs for the new format of the project, from music licensing, hiring animators for B-roll footage, legal fees and more. 

Inclusive hiring on the production team was also important to Ophelian, who says via LFL's campaign video that pledge funds will also be used to hire more women behind the camera in order to finish filming additional interviews for the series. "Your support not only helps us showcase women in front of the camera, but it also helps support women who work behind the camera." In fact, Ophelian basically sums up the power and potential impact of Looking for Leia in a nutshell: "women telling women’s Star Wars fandom stories."

Those who want to support Looking for Leia can follow the campaign for free as well as back the docu-series via their Seed & Spark page.

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