Looking for the best way to survive the coming zombie apocalypse?

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Dec 15, 2012

We're going to keep participating in the debate over how best to survive the zombie apocalypse right up until the undead break our doors down and sink their teeth into our shoulder meat. Some people advocate holing up in a shelter, while others say it's better to keep on the move. Now, thanks to one industrious nerd, you can do both.

The good people at architecture website Bustler, no doubt certain that the end is nigh, host an annual competition to see who among the various architects and designers who visit their site can construct the most effective zombie safe house. This year the winner was Austin Fleming of Texas, who designed a portable zombie shelter he calls the Vagabond.

With an eye toward portability and safety, Fleming based the Vagabond on the shell of that Texas icon the armadillo. It comes down around you like a rounded little hut, and once you're inside it's got all sorts of features to keep you comfortable. Photovoltaic cells on the outer shell generate heat to boil water and keep you warm in the winter, and a little turbine on top helps to harness fresh air that's then pumped down into the shelter. It's even capable of charging your iPhone.

It sounds fine for keeping you hidden for a while, but what if a zombie horde comes wandering along? How do you hold up in this thing? Well, it's got a couple of hefty concrete anchor bolts to keep it locked down, and the entire exterior is painted over with a reflective surface to blend in with the environment. So when zombies walk up to the Vagabond, they see other zombies reflected in the skin, and we know how zombies feel about other zombies.

And even with all this, the whole thing folds up like a Slinky into a backpack so you can get on the move again whenever you need to. It's definitely a nifty concept, but there's one thing missing: During those long standoffs when you're waiting out hundreds of undead as they walk by, how do you go to the bathroom?

(Bustler via The Daily What Geek)

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