Looks like Andrew Garfield may be out as Spider-Man

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Dec 15, 2014, 3:46 PM EST (Updated)

Looks like Andrew Garfield’s days as that friendly neighborhood Spider-Man are over.

With all the information filtering out of the Sony hacking situation, a lot has been made about correspondence surrounding the comic-book web-slinger, including a potential deal (now apparently dead) that would have seen him crossing over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But one detail that hasn't really gotten a ton of pub is that Andrew Garfield's name doesn't seem to be on the docket for future endeavors involving Peter Parker. 

It appears that as of October 2014, Andrew Garfield is indeed out of the franchise for good, allegedly at least in part because of the way he criticized Sony, which in turn alienated a bunch of powerful people along the way. Seems that Garfield also stood up the company at a corporate dinner back in July. His attendance was going to be mentioned by Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, and Garfield was set to sit with some pretty important Sony executives. His absence, given with less than an hour's notice, was seen as an insult by the executives. Oops!

With the franchise put on ice while Sony tries to figure out what to do with it, an email from Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal proposes that it might get a new lease on life (aka a reboot) with a brand-new actor, if Spider-Man were to appear in the third Captain America movie.

What do you guys think? Are you disappointed that Andrew Garfield may be out as Spider-Man? Are you ready for another sorta, kinda Spider-Man reboot with a new actor? Do you think that a reboot of the character is Sony's wisest course of action? Who would you want to see as Peter Parker/Spidey next?

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