Looks like the Flash is going to be facing off against at least one other major villain

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, Boomerang, Heat Wave and a host of other characters have already turned up on The Flash, and we're not even halfway done with the first season!

That being said, it kind of feels like we have a groove going, right? Snart's shown up more than once, cementing him as a recurring baddie; the Firestorm arc is building in the background; and, unquestionably, the Reverse Flash is taking up the majority of Barry's brain space. So there shouldn't be room for any other major villains just yet, right?

Well ... do you remember the pilot episode? There's a moment in which we see a destroyed cage with the name "Grodd" on it. Seemed like a nod more than anything at the time, a shout-out to something the show would get around to someday.

Turns out that day is coming sooner than we thought. Check out this tweet from showrunner Andrew Kreisberg:

Where's there's VFX smoke, there's fire. And while, yes, there's no question that, with its enormous popularity, The Flash will be back for a season two, money wouldn't be getting spent on such a large CGI character if the plan weren't to bring him out sooner rather than later.

So! Gorilla Grodd! What do you think? Are you excited to see him? And how do you think he'll factor into the ongoing mythos the show's already created so far?

(via Comic Book Movie)