Looks like our favorite clone won't just be in a Star Wars spin-off - she'll be the lead

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Jan 30, 2015, 3:31 PM EST (Updated)

TV actors don't always get the same credit that film actors do, especially ones who work predominantly in science fiction. Tatiana Maslany in particular, who plays about a gillion different clones on the popular BBC America series, Orphan Black, has been repeatedly denied so much as a nomination for a major award. And while she's taken it in stride, those of us who are fans know she deserves better.

Well, score one for the good guys. After hearing rumors that Maslany had auditioned for the Gareth Edwards Star Wars spinoff, it sounds like she's actually got the part. This is all still in the city boundaries of Rumorville, but with Maslany having to drop out from a Broadway production due to "film schedule conflicts" and both The Mary Sue and Total Geeks citing separate inside sources close to the production, it seems as though final confirmation is all but assured.

Oh, and one more thing -- it seems that Maslany didn't just get cast in Star Wars; she got cast as the lead. What does that mean specifically? No idea. But we're celebrating just the same. Bust out the clone dance party, y'all!

(via The Mary Sue)