Noomi Rapace in Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Looks like Ridley Scott is planning 3 more Prometheus movies

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Sep 23, 2015, 4:38 PM EDT

As some of you may already know, director Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was originally meant as a direct prequel to his classic sci-fi/horror movie Alien. However, after Damon Lindelof made changes to the screenplay, things changed quite a bit from the original plan.

The next project on Ridley Scott's plate -- after the Matt Damon-starrer The Martian, which premieres on Oct. 2 -- will be Prometheus 2. What was supposed to be a one-off has now become a multiple-movie franchise, with not just two more movies planned down the pipeline, but three. In an interview with German website FilmFutter (via Bloody-Disgusting), Scott did confirm that Prometheus will connect with Alien, but don’t expect it to happen in the next movie.

“It won’t be in the next one,” explained Scott. “It will be in the one after this one or maybe even a fourth film before we get back into the Alien franchise…

“The whole point of it is to explain the Alien franchise and to explain the how and why of the creation of the Alien itself,” he added. “I always thought of the Alien as kind of a piece of bacterial warfare. I always thought that that original ship, which I call the Croissant, was a battleship, holding these biomechanoid creatures that were all about destruction.”

Now, that's a bit of a bummer. Scott’s Prometheus was very slowly peeling back the veil behind the origins of the Xenomorphs and the Engineers who created them. In the original ending, the ship that crashes on top of Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron was to be the same exact alien ship Ellen Ripley and the Nostromo crew discover in Alien. However, the setting of the movie was changed to a different planet, which (as Bloody-Disgusting points out) expanded the Alien movie universe but pushed back the dirrect link between Prometheus and Alien to the end of the third film of what then became a trilogy.

With Scott now hinting plans are in the works for a fourth film, looks like fans will have to wait even longer before seeing the two franchises finally merge. What do you think? Are you looking forward to THREE more Prometheus movies?

(via Bloody-Disgusting)