Looks like Shaiene Woodley probably won't return to Amazing Spider-Man as Mary Jane

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Mar 31, 2014, 5:53 PM EDT

Are two franchises too much to handle for this up-and-coming actress?

Shailene Woodley was supposed to play Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Scenes were filmed, costumes procured, gaffers paid, probably some craft services enjoyed...but those scenes were cut. At first, we were told they didn't quite fit in with the rest of the film. Then, we heard that Woodley was also cast to play the lead in the adaptation for Divergent.

Divergent has made about $95 million in the domestic market alone, by the way. Not too shabby for the off-season. You know what that means? Sequels.

It also means that Shailene Woodley is committed to two different major franchises at once. Or, is she?

This isn't the first we've heard doubts from the Woodley camp, but, in a recent interview for Divergent, she was asked if she'd still do Spidey and she said, "I have no idea and I don’t know that I’d even want to do two franchises at this point. Having been through this."

Now, it's entirely possible Shailene may find her pockets lined with so much money that she can't say no without sacrificng living on a private island when she's all done, but it sounds to us like she would rather forego the tropical paradise in favor of having a few moments of free time for the next five or so years.

And who could blame her, really? Whether you see Divergent as the next Hunger Games or the next Twilight, they're probably going to make some serious bank either way. And if Woodley likes what's she's doing there, then why commit to a second enormous franchise, especially one the fans of which told her she was too ugly to be Mary Jane?

What do you think? Should Shaliene spread herself thin, or stick with Divergent, and Divergent alone?

(via Comic Book Movie)