Looks like Star Wars Episode VII is due to begin filming earlier than we thought

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Jul 31, 2013, 3:34 PM EDT

Star Wars Episode VII doesn't feel so far away all of a sudden.

We'd been assuming that production wasn't due to begin on the next wave of Star Wars features until next year. According to a highly reputable fan site, however, things are rolling out a good deal sooner than we thought.

Lucasfilm has used aliases in the past to cover up production on features before, most notably with Return of the Jedi. Allegedly, that is happening again, and the code name for production on Star Wars Episode VII is Foodles.

While Foodles may be a real prepackaged foodstuff with a Disney license, it doesn't seem likely that a movie would be made from it. And despite earlier rumors of a 2014 start date, production on the faux Foodles is due to begin in August.

That means we may be seeing the first Star Wars films in theaters even earlier than originally projected. Or at the very least, that Disney is making sure they get working right away to hit the deadlines they want.

Either way, we're excited that the House of Mouse has fast-tracked what we're hoping will be a return to form for the galaxy far, far away.

(via Bleeding Cool)