Looks like the Tremors TV series will ignore the movie sequels

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Nov 21, 2016, 4:21 PM EST

Work on the Tremors TV series set up at Amazon is still going strong, and we have some news about what to expect when we return to the fictional town of Perfection, Nevada, alongside star Kevin Bacon. As some of you guys may already know, Bacon will reprise his role of Valentine McKee, marking the first time in over 25 years that the actor will don the character’s cowboy hat and boots for the Tremors series. He’ll also serve as executive producer on the show.

Based on the 1990 movie that featured giant killer sandworms named Graboids and also starred Fred Ward, Reba McEntire and Michael Gross in the fan-favorite role of gun aficionado Burt Gummer, the 10-episode series will be penned by Andrew Miller (The Secret Circle), who dropped some intriguing tidbits about the upcoming series in the recent edition of The Writers Panel podcast.

From the sound of things -- and from what Michael Gross recently said in a recent Facebook post: “I think Kevin is going in a different directional [sic]” -- it looks like the new series will ignore all five direct-to-video movie sequels (there's a Tremors 6 in the works) as well as all 13 episodes of the Sci-Fi Channel’s 2003 series titled (ahem) Tremors: The Series that mainly centered on Michael Gross' character. Here’s what Miller said (via Tremors Guide):

“The Kevin Bacon character is now 25 years older, a horrible loser in this town that had a brief moment of glory in the 80s or 90s and is now worse off than it was before. The town is coming face to face with failure. It’s also a Donald Trump story in that it’s the notion of nostalgia as a drug that’s killing us and looking back on a time – the longer you look at that time in the mirror without accepting reality, these monsters start to grow beneath the surface. In this case it’s these worms that are literally growing beneath the surface. People are trying to get over these traumas and both empower themselves and put themselves in great danger. I think we’re not processing trauma as healthily right now as we could be. I find myself not processing trauma as well as I ought to be and feel like I’m the star of my own horror movie sometimes.”

Another bummer (depending on whether or not you like the sequels) is that it would appear Michael Gross hasn’t been asked to reprise his role for the Amazon TV series. The Tremors actor apparently recently met with Universal Studios for Tremors 6 and claimed he hasn’t been asked to star in the new show developed by Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions.

What do you think of the angle writer Andrew Miller will use for Amazon's upcoming Tremors TV series? Are you disappointed that it looks like they will ignore the movie sequels, or do you prefer they start off from the first movie with a clean slate?

(via Tremors Guide)