Looks like we don't know Karen Gillan's Guardians role after all

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Jun 20, 2013

Turns out those rumors of a bikini-clad angel were false.

Earlier this month, a Scottish newspaper printed a report that former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan's role in Marvel's forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy would be Angela, the Spawn-battling bounty hunter who was an Image Comics character until yesterday, when she made her debut in the Marvel Universe with the company's Age of Ultron event. Word quickly spread, and it seemed to make sense. After all, Marvel is making a big push to integrate Angela into its universe right now, even bringing in her co-creator (and former owner) Neil Gaiman to co-write some of her early comics appearances, including some in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy in the coming months. Plus, there's the red hair.

Well, it looks like this particular rumor really was just a rumor. While inquiring into who exactly owns the rights to the character now (answer: It's Marvel -- Gaiman won the rights in his court case with co-creator Todd McFarlane and then sold them to Marvel), Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston also asked about the character's rumored film appearance.

"Well, when asking about Angela, I also asked about Karen. And I’m sorry but no, it’s not true."

So, there you have it, not a "no comment" but an "it's not true." While we can't completely discount the possiblity that Marvel isn't being entirely truthful, it seems for the moment like this rumor is done for.

(Via Bleeding Cool)


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