Looks like we'll probably get to see Man of Steel 2 before Justice League

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Jun 11, 2013

 It seems that Warner Bros.' next big superhero blockbuster will be another Superman flick.

Just days away from the release of the hotly anticipated Man of Steel, Deadline is reporting that the studio is "fast-tracking" a Superman sequel, reuniting Zack Snyder as director and David Goyer as screenwriter. As for producer/mentor Christopher Nolan, it seems his role in the next flick won't be so "full-blown," but as the latest Superman flick is set to open in more than 4,000 theaters this weekend, a sequel looks like a strong prospect regardless of whether he's directly involved.

Deadline's Nikki Finke also reports that this sequel is the second part of a three-picture deal Goyer has with Warner Bros., the third tier of which is a Justice League film. Though that flick seems to have been in development for a while, it now looks like we're more likely to see a second Superman flick before we see Warners' big DC Comics teamup movie, a view furthered by Snyder's recent interview with Hero Complex.

“Do the DC characters exist in the universe I created? The answer is yes,” Snyder said. “In my mind, we have this fantastic character of Superman. It’s not madness that there would be others.

"Now, that being said, does a ‘Justice League’ movie exist now? No. Whether or not I ever get to make that movie, I don’t know,” he continued. “What is real is that there’s a crack — a foot — in the door. That’s promising. The door is definitely open.”

From what's been said so far, it looks like we could be well on our way to a Snyder/Goyer Justice League blockbuster sometime in the next few years. For now, though, everything seems to be focused on the future of Superman. So, if a sequel is indeed already on the way, what would you like to see?

(Deadline via IndieWire)


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