Looper director going cyberpunk for mysterious new sci-fi movie

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Apr 2, 2013, 1:13 PM EDT

Indie director Rian Johnson was catapulted into mainstream sci-fi fandom with his intriguing time-travel flick Looper, and it sounds like he’ll be sticking around the genre a little longer. His next target: cyberpunk.

From his noir flick Brick to the recent Looper, Johnson has made a career out of subverting expectations, so it’s no surprise he wants to try something new with his next project. We’re just glad he’s decided to stay in the sci-fi vein.

Johnson broke the news about his new film to /Film, but wouldn’t go into any more detail. All he said is that the project he’s writing now is “still sc-fi,” but “cyberpunk.” Oh, and it’s “very different” from Looper.

Not much to go on, but it’s still enough to get us salivating to find out what he’s working on. Looper was one of the smartest, most engaging sci-fi flicks of 2012, and it made Johnson a guy to watch the next few years.

He’s making some of the most unique flicks out there, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see his take on the cyberpunk subgenre.

What do you think Johnson is working on?

(Indiewire via /Film)