Lose your head over this retro sci-fi Headlander video game story trailer

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Jul 15, 2016, 2:35 PM EDT

PlayStation has released a groovy new story trailer for Double Fine and Adult Swim Games’ retro sci-fi video game, Headlander. And it looks all kinds of awesome.

In the, let's face it, very weird game, players fly around in a space station with a disembodied head where you can take over various other types of bodies. How cool is that? The action-platformer is set in an automated future where a mysterious A.I. controls the last remnants of humanity. The game is very similar to action platformers such as Castlevania or Metroid. In fact, there's a whole subgenre for that type of game called Metroidvania.

Here’s how Adult Swim Games' senior producer Chris Johnston explains Headlander:

“At the start of the game you can select from three different heads as your player character, and solving the mystery of who you are and why you're the only human left is one of the major plot points of the game. Luckily, you can dock that noggin into plenty of other things--humanoid Citizen and Shepherd bodies, robot dogs, turrets, computer terminals, and robot vacuum cleaners; anything with a universal docking ring will accept the connection. With the helpful voice of Earl in your helmet, you navigate each area and find transfiber nodes that’ll grant your head new abilities. Those combined with an upgrade tree with even more abilities provide you with a lot of freedom in approaching combat--whether it’s on a Shepherd body or just as a head (each has a separate health gauge). Do you go in guns blazing? Maybe you'd rather stand back or duck behind cover and target/shoot off enemy heads with more precision. Or pop your head off and vacuum the heads of your enemies. Deflecting an enemy’s fire right back at them with your bounce shield is especially satisfying.”

Love the voice-over. Love the 1970s style that pokes fun at the sci-fi movies and TV shows of the time.This looks like one of the most fun, “out-there” video games there is at the moment.

Headlander will be available for PS4 an PC on July 26. Will you pick this one up?

(via Gamespot)