Lose yourself in the final Maze Runner: The Death Cure trailer

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Dec 8, 2017, 7:40 PM EST

The final chapter in the Maze Runner saga is finally coming, and that's certainly a relief for fans of the series. Production on Maze Runner: The Death Cure was forced to shut down indefinitely early last summer, due to injuries sustained by star Dylan O'Brien -- but you just can't keep a good maze runner down. O'Brien recovered, production eventually resumed, and the epic finale to the YA franchise is almost here. 

Series director Wes Ball is back to helm the conclusion, and screenwriter T.S. Nowlin is once again adapting the original novel by James Dashner. 

O'Brien returns as the young hero Thomas, alongside series regulars Patricia Clarkson (Six Feet Under), Aiden Gillen (Game of Thrones), Kaya Scodelario (Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales), Rosa Salazar (the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones), Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones), and Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad). This installment will also introduce Walton Goggins (Justified, The Hateful Eight) as Lawrence. 

According to the 20th Century Fox synopsis, Maze Runner: The Death Cure finds Thomas and company breaking into the Last City, which is "a WCKD-controlled labyrinth that may turn out to be the deadliest maze of all." Answers to long-held questions are promised, so perhaps that's good incentive to venture once more into yet another maze.  

Looks like there are a number of reckonings that are going to go down. Also interesting is seeing not one but three Game of Thrones veterans (Gillen, Brodie-Sangster, Emmanuel) having some fun outside of Westeros. It's particularly fun to see the seemingly always slithery Gillen, aka Littlefinger, get thrown through some glass.



Patricia Clarkson adds a heaping amount of gravitas to any role she plays, and glimpses of what we presume to be the Last City look fantastic. The ensemble seems to be having a blast as well, with Brodie-Sangster getting some choice lines. 

Maze Runner: The Death Cure is a maze finally ready to be run, and will be in theaters on Jan. 26, 2018.