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Lost George Romero film getting a second chance at release

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Feb 10, 2021, 10:50 PM EST (Updated)

If anyone was going to be the “Tupac of horror films,” it was George Romero.

If author Daniel Kraus has his way, fans will be able to see an unseen work of George Romero sooner rather than later. AV News is reporting that Kraus had the privilege to view The Amusement Park, a 1973 film by Romero that has barely been seen by anyone.

The film is a "PSA about ageism" and according to Kraus, is a “revelation.” Usually, when people go on Twitter tangents, it’s about how much they HATE something. In what could be considered a breath of fresh air, Kraus went on and on about how great the film is, even comparing it to Romero’s seminal work Night of the Living Dead.


Unfortunately, the religious group that funded the film still owns the rights, and they are currently refusing to release it. It seems they leaped before they looked and decided that Romero’s film should never be released. Imagine if Sony felt that way about Spider-Man? Ugh.

While getting the film’s rights back into the right hands may take a while, fans can still help in the interim. If you go to the George A. Romero Foundation’s website, you can donate towards the film’s restoration.

There are many fans out there who are influenced by Romero’s works. Whether it’s art, film, or video games, Romero’s reach seems almost infinite. Fans should not take for granted this opportunity to see something new.