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Lost Girl cast talks this year's dark season and their S4 renewal

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Mar 11, 2013, 4:01 PM EDT

Things have gotten dark this season for the cast of Syfy's Lost Girl, but the scary and evil of it all is just getting started as the series heads into the second half of its third season, said stars Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Reid and Ksenia Solo during a conference call.

“I know that in the very beginning the promos for season three really made it look like Bo went completely dark,” said Silk, who plays the unaligned succubus Bo. “What I like is that it was more than that. There's definitely elements of dark, and there's more elements of dark to come, which I loved. But I love that it's coming from a scary place for Bo. It's not just about her becoming evil and bad. It's the fact that the potential for her to devolve is there is really scary. She has to really rise to the challenge. Her team has to rise to the challenge as well, or participate in it in some way. So I liked that we had that twist.”

“It’s a really nice build” to the finale, said Holden-Reid, who plays the wolf-like light Fae Dyson. “I remember while we were shooting the last, like, four episodes we were all really excited and everything had ramped up to a good climax, good end. I think the writers have always been very conscious of that this is like one of our important storylines, and how do you manage these three characters, to one, keep the fans interested and two, the characters interesting. … So there’s always progression, whether or not the fans will like it.”

“The tension definitely builds, and we definitely have a very heart-pumping season finale, that’s all I can really think of to say,” said Silk. While the three characters have been more separated than in seasons past, “some things come together and some things really get ripped apart. So I know that’s really cryptic, but I think that the viewers will be pretty excited to see where the season leads and how we end.”

“It's been a roller coaster of a journey for both Bo and Kenzi,” said Solo, who plays Bo's loyal human friend, Kensie. “They've had time this season to be apart a little bit and go through their own life-and-death situations. No matter what pulls them apart in the moment, in the long run it's impossible to tear them apart because of the bond they have and the love they have for each other. So every relationship goes through its ups and downs, and I think they've been on the upswing for a while. So I think it was time this season to give them some hardships to go through. Once they get over these bumps in the road, they'll be able to move on to the next chapter in their relationship.”

“And friendships really have to evolve. They have to be challenged. So I think it's good for Bo and Kenzi to shake things up a little bit in terms of their friendship and see where it goes from where we leave off,” said Silk.

“I love that camaraderie, that group that we had season one,” said Holden-Ried. “I think for all of our characters to grow, we had to break apart and have issues that drew us away. Like Anna said, the group and the group dynamic is pretty pivotal to the last few episodes and how we end season three and start season four. So you're just going to have to watch.”

Season four? Yep, Syfy has renewed Lost Girl for a fourth season, ordering 13 new episodes, which will premiere in 2014.

What would the actors like to see happen with their characters next season?

“I always say my favorite episodes are the ones that are really outside the box,” said Solo. “So like, when we all switch bodies, that's something that we all fondly remember, because it was just so cool and different and unlike anything any of us have ever done before. So I hope that for season four we get to do more of that. Things that really challenge us as actors and challenge our characters. The great thing with our show is that we can really go anywhere. There's no formula. There's no box we have to stay in. I really hope we get to explore as much as possible.”

“And I'm really fond of running around in tights and a codpiece, so I'm looking forward to that,” joked Holden-Reid.

“I would love to see that in season four,” said Silk.

“I feel like we're evolving exactly as we should, which means that we're constantly challenging and changing and moving forward. I hope for more of that. I hope that we surprise ourselves and we as actors are surprised by what's going to happen,” she added.

Here's a sneak peek at tonight's episode, “Fae-ge Against the Machine”:

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