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Lost Girl's Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo talk Bo's absence, George Takei and S4

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Jan 14, 2014, 2:47 PM EST (Updated)

There are some big changes afoot in season four of Syfy's Lost Girl, and you might not like some of them. In fact, one of those big changes involves the fact that the mystery behind Bo's vanishing act in the season-three finale won't be solved anytime soon, and you shouldn't expect much Bo at all in the beginning of the season. What's Lost Girl without our lost girl super Fae succubus?

[Spoiler alert!]

“Between season three and four I had a baby, and I wanted to take that time and just really get to enjoy that home experience, which I did,” said Anna Silk, who stars as Bo. “So that is kind of what I’ve been doing, is some other projects and being a mama.”

But not to worry. While Silk was MIA taking care of her little one, Ksenia Solo and the rest of the Lost Girl gang were digging into their characters and taking things to extremes.

Get ready for some extreme storytelling

“With Bo disappearing at the end of season three and leaving us all without her, if I can speak about Kenzi, I would say that her journey in season four is really all about finding her place and, at the beginning, it’s especially hard, because her heart and her rock and her home and her love is gone,” said Solo, who plays Bo's human gal pal, Kenzi. “And that is an incredibly difficult situation to be in when you have a void like that in your life. So, I think, for all characters, we’re all just trying to kind of find our way back home in our own ways."

“It is definitely about sort of finding our way home this season, for sure. And for Bo, Bo has a really big place in the Fae world, and she never really knows what that is, and I think honestly a part of her is determined to find out, because I think she knows she is a key player and she knows she has consequences, and they are consequences that can be really negative for the people she loves. So that journey is always part of every season for Bo, and it certainly is this season as well,” said Silk.

But don't think will be less exciting just because the writers have figured out a way to keep Bo out of the action.

“We take it to new extremes, right, Anna? Would you agree with me?” said Solo.

“We definitely do,” added Silk.

“We do pretty like crazy things. I mean, our writers try to keep our fans on their toes, on the edge of their seats.”

“I think we were kept on the edge of our seats this year, too. We were on our toes. And it was just kind of nonstop. Emily Andras, our showrunner, sort of said it best ... 'The highs are highs and the lows are low,' which I think is a really great way to describe the season,” said Silk.

A spoiler-free zone ... almost

“I have to say that this is probably the hardest season to talk about. I had the hardest time doing press for this season because everything I say is a spoiler. So it is really tough,” continued Silk. “I think that because we got the group torn apart at the end of season three, any sort of resolution I say to that will give away too much of a plot point.”

However, we “definitely see the gang come back together. It might not be in the same dynamic [as] it was before, and it’s got definitely more of an uphill battle this season,” said Silk.

“I think season four does a really great job of connecting characters that you wouldn’t expect to develop a relationship, whether romantically or just as friends,” said Solo.

“It takes that core group and all those core relationships and fine-tunes them. It is like they get a little bit further explored and some new characters as well,” added Silk.

Imagine George Takei strapped to a crane

There will indeed be some new and returning characters, including Linda Hamilton, who returns as Fae assassin Acacia, and Ali Liebert from Bomb Girls.

However, the other big notable star is sci-fi national treasure George Takei, who joins the cast in a recurring role as a villain.

The “thoroughly evil” bad guy gave Takei “a juicy character to sink my teeth into. I play a very elegant, very debonair and obviously quite foppish gentleman who has enormous powers. And he's also very, very wealthy, and so it's a lot of fun playing this over-the-top kind of character,” Takei told EdmontonPost.com.

According to Solo, working with Takei “was a real treat. George is not only a gentleman and has a wonderful kind heart, but he is one of the most professional individuals I have ever met. So we were so honored that he wanted to do our show, and him and I had some really fun scenes. It was cool to be able to look up 10 feet and see George on this elevator in a green jumpsuit. We had some good laughs, and it was just a real joy. … They had a whole crane built that he was strapped to, so he had a nice little roller coaster ride throughout the scene.”

However, the real star of the show, at least behind the scenes, was Silk's baby, Sam, who was on set often. “He was there almost every day. And he loved it. I mean, it actually made him extra social, because of the crew. He became like the baby of the crew. So he was a very popular little addition to our Lost Girl family,” said Silk.

Lost Girl airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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