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Lost in Space's second season finds December release date, adds JJ Feild

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Oct 5, 2019, 2:30 PM EDT

Feeling lost at New York Comic Con? That's nothing compared to the Robinsons. As the Lost in Space reboot heads back to Netflix for its second season, the sci-fi family is going to face plenty of new hazards...troubles...ah — dangers. And the Robot (which the Internet is way too into) isn't even around to help. For now, at least.

The show's NYCC 2019 panel showed off an exclusive sneak peek at S2, which included some sweeping visuals, heartbreaking music, and the exciting search for the Robot. "Through the looking glass," huh? If the Robinsons aren't ready for it, fans certainly are. Scored by "What a Wonderful World," the trailer shows off some desolate (yet beautiful) new landscapes to explore, as well as Will encountering a mysterious piece of technology. Some of these crazy encounters will be handled realistically by its cast, as Mina Sundwall explains that there's "a lot of ad-libbing" this season.

The second clip showed off how the crew turns the spaceship into a badass sailboat. This one's really going starboard with the help of sailing consultants that determined exactly how high the sails would need to be raised to make the Jupiter seaworthy. Lots is on its way in the show's second season — which now has a holiday-based release date. 

Yes, Lost in Space (well, Toby Stephens in a video clip) announced its return date (December 24) as well as a new cast member: JJ Feild. Feild will play the recurring guest star Ben Adler, chief of advanced systems and artificial intelligence. While finding academic common ground with Maureen, it's her son, Will Robinson, with whom Adler shares the most. A final clip showcases Adler discussing the alien "Scarecrow," which will be the alien he bonds with Will over.

After the preview, the cast lined up for a Q&A. Showrunner Zack Estrin and stars like Sibongile Mlambo, Molly Parker, Maxwell Jenkins, Mina Sundwall, Taylor Russell, Ignacio Serricchio, and Parker Posey spoke about what's to come for clan Robinson (as well as their horde of antagonists) as the interstellar adventure continues exploring the stars. "Season 2 starts about seven months after Season 1 ended," Estrin said. "Season 2 is about growing up. It's coming of age." It'll also feature a few more familiar faces from the original series, Estrin teases.

Ahead of the panel, the cast of Lost in Space gathered together on the SYFY WIRE Live Stage to talk about what they're hoping for out of Season 2, and Posey wasted no time laying out her expectations. 

"I think Max and I have the same [idea]," Posey began. "We want alien technology, I wanna have a relationship with an alien, maybe I'm an alien, then I get to pull out a crazy voice. And always, we'd love a superpower. But, it's not gonna happen with this show."

Lost in Space returns as a gift for fans just in time for Christmas on Dec. 24.

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