Lost epilogue leaked online: Our spoiler-laden review!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

We thought we were going to have to wait until those Lost DVDs and Blu-rays were released Aug. 24 to catch that 12-minute epilogue and learn what Ben and Hurley got up to during the post-Jack era. But we were wrong. (And you won't believe who's back!)

YouTube user oilery has posted the full epilogue "The New Man in Charge" (which is probably vanishing even as we type these words), but we thought we'd tell you what we saw and what we thought of it.

And let's just say it one more time—spoilers ahead!

[UPDATE: We received a request from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment to remove the screen grabs which originally appeared below, and have complied.]

The Man in Charge provides an excellent severance package

At a Dharma Logistics Warehouse in Guam, Benjamin Linus arrives to tell two beleaguered employees who've been loading pallets of food onto drones for the past 20 years that their services are no longer needed. And to answer one of Lost's unanswered questions—where the heck have those food drops been coming from?

Evidently, even though the Dharma Initiative has been long gone, these employees have been performing their duties like clockwork in response to automated teletypes from "the Lamppost Station in L.A." for nearly two decades.

One other thing we learn? That Ben is suddenly Mr. Nice Guy, to judge by the thick envelopes he tosses the ex-employees as severance.

We deserve answers!

After shutting down the warehouse, Ben tries to leave, but the employees demand answers, including—if the island they're sending supplies to is somewhere in the tropics, why have they been shipping polar bear biscuits? "How is there a polar bear on a tropical island?" asks one.

Enter a familiar face in a Dharma Initiative orientation video that, according to Ben, is a "transfer from an old Betamax." (Which explaining the poor quality of that video.) It's Dr. Pierre Chang, who urges us not to reveal his name to others, because "I would not want to have to resort to using an alias in the future." (Which explains why he used different pseudonyms in all other videos we saw on Lost.)

The choppy clip fills us in on the purpose of the polar bears—they were on the island because they "possess a keen sense of memory and adaptability," which make them "excellent candidates for electromagnetic studies." (And we know from Desmond's experiences why something like that would be important.) We also learn the purpose of the brainwashing that takes place in Room 23—that it's to make sure "the Hostiles" forget the interrogations that were done in order to learn more about Jacob—because we wouldn't want that the truce to be broken.

Too soon, the orientation video is over, and Ben is on his way.

You're special

After leaving the Dharma Logistics Warehouse, Ben moves on to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, where we so often saw Hurley. And for a moment, we worried ... Hurley? What's he doing HERE again? But no, Ben is instead there to see ... Walt! (Apparently, all those years of living under an assumed identity combined with all he endured have led him to this place.)

We may be happy to see Walt, but Walt's not happy about seeing Ben at all, and is afraid of being kidnapped all over again. But Ben reminds Walt that he's special and tells him that even though his father is dead, Walt can still help him, and they bond over a Dharma Initiative granola bar.

It's time for us all to go home

Ben convinces Walt to leave Santa Rosa, and outside we see the familiar blue-and-white VW bus. Ben gets behind the wheel, Walt climbs in to ride shotgun, and before they can drive off, up from the back seat pops Hurley.

"Dude!" he shouts. Now here's someone Walt is happy to see. He'd always thought he was crazy, but now that Hurley has returned for him, he's relieved. Hurley tells him that, no, he's not crazy, he just needs to get back to the island because—"I'm gonna talk to you about a job."

And at last we learn what was so special about Walt. Because we all know what job Hurley is talking about, right?

Turning to Ben, Hurley says, "It's time for us all to go home."

And it's time for all of US to go back to the island, when Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season and Lost: The Complete Collection become available on DVD and Blu-ray on Aug. 24.

Does "The New Man in Charge" epilogue answer all of our questions? No. We don't think it's possible. Or necessary. Does it answer enough of them and give us enough fresh meat that we feel satisfied? We say yes.

What do you think?