Lost recap and answers: Sad farewells, high body count

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

In one of the most dramatic episodes ever on ABC's Lost, heavy losses were incurred, and Jack began to learn the rules in "The Candidate." No, we didn't get many questions answered, and it's hard to tell what the purpose of the sideverse story was beyond having side-Jack begin to realize that everyone he runs into these days was on the Oceanic 815. But the action in the Lostverse is moving forward big time. (It's questions and answers, so spoilers ahead!)

Talk about a big body count! That master manipulator, the Locke-ness Monster sets up the candidates and manages to take out three of our favorites as Sayid, Jin and Sun end up sleeping with the fishes. In "The Candidate," Locke-ness convinces Jack to help him rescue the candidates Widmore has locked up in the animal cages on Hydra Island. Then Locke-ness shows the group some C4 and convinces them that the plane they were hoping might get them off the island could still be rigged with explosives. Jack and Sawyer refer to Locke-ness as "it" when it can't hear them.

Finally, it's off to the sub, where Locke-ness orchestrates the situation so that everyone's on board the sub except him and Claire, even though Jack was planning on staying on the island. That changes when Kate gets shot. After the sub dives, Jack tries to treat Kate's wound, only to discover a bomb with a countdown in his pack. As the group freaks, Jack tells them they should leave it alone because he's figured out Locke isn't allow to kill them. Sawyer doesn't trust Jack's theory: He pulls the wires, and the bomb begins racing toward its final countdown.

Sayid tells Jack where the well is that Desmond's trapped in and takes off with the bomb to try to save them. The bomb goes boom, and Sayid dies! As the sub begins to sink, Frank is knocked out and possibly killed. Hurley rescues Kate, and Jack rescues an unconscious Sawyer from the sinking sub. Sun is trapped, and water starts pouring in. Jin refuses to leave the trapped Sun (just as he promised), and they die together, beautifully. On the beach, Hurley, Kate and Jack cry, and everyone (including us) is sad. Now they, and a still unconscious Sawyer, are all that's left of the group.

In the sideverse, after Desmond ran Locke down, Jack operates on Locke and saves him. But Jack doesn't understand why Locke's not interested when he tells him he's a "candidate" for an operation that might allow him to walk again. Jack keeps running into people from the Oceanic 815 flight as he digs into what happened to Locke that put him in the wheelchair in the first place. And Jack and Claire meet up again to discuss the mysterious music box her father left her.

During the season we'll scour the new episodes for answers to our 100-plus questions below and post those along with the NEW questions each episode poses, this week from "The Candidate." Below, if a question is boldface it was answered in the most recent episode. If a question is italic it was answered in earlier episodes and the subject of a previous article. This is the ninth of our Lost Questions and Answers stories, and we'll fill in the answers as they come up throughout the Lost season.


112. Why isn't Kate a Candidate anymore?
113. What's the significance of Christian leaving the music box for Claire? Is it just so she can have some musical backup when she sings "Catch a Falling Star" to Aaron after he's born?
114. Why doesn't Widmore just tell them what's going on instead of putting them in cages and leaving them vulnerable for the Locke-ness Monster?
115. Would it be so hard for Widmore or any of the Others to just say, "The island is a jail for Smokey, and most of you are Candidates for Jacob's job as jailer because he touched you at some point in the past and he got smoked himself, and hey, we need a jailer or the world's toast"?
116. How did the Locke-ness Monster know Jack would look into his pack and find the bomb just in time for Sawyer to start pulling wires and actually really set off the bomb? Can his timing be that good?
117. Is Frank dead?
118. Where are Richard, Miles and Ben, and why haven't they destroyed the plane yet? Did they put C4 in the plane?
119. In the sideverse, will Claire stay with Jack now that he's told her, "We're family."?
120. Has Sayid atoned for his actions enough, in telling Jack where Desmond was and sacrificing himself by running off with the bomb, so he'll be able to move on now that he's dead, or will he become one of the island's Whispers?
121. Was Sayid right when he yelled, "Because it's going to be you, Jack"? Will it be Jack?
122. How does Locke-ness know there are survivors from the sub explosion?


1. Who is Jacob? Apparently he's a ghost now, along with possibly being God. Maybe. ("LA X") We also learn his main job is to protect the island from the Locke-ness Monster, if Locke-ness is telling us (and Sawyer) the truth. Or if he's not telling the truth, we're thinking Jacob (as a jailer of sorts) has trapped Old Smokey ON the island. Maybe that's why the Locke-ness Monster says he's "trapped." ("The Substitute")
2. Is he good or is he evil? The jury is still out, but he certainly seems gooder than Smokey Locke, who we're now calling the Locke-ness Monster. ("LA X") We're still leaning on the side of good, although we don't know why the Man In Black had to get Richardo out of those chains. ("Ab Aeterno") And considering Smokey blew up the sub and killed Sayid, Jin and Sun, we're really thinking Jacob has to be the good guy. ("The Candidate")
3. How old is Jacob? Pretty old, since he seemed to be around when the Black Rock was sailing. ("The Incident") And now we know he was around keeping the cork in the island since 1867. ("Ab Aeterno")
4. What's up with the Man In Black (MiB)? The theories that he was actually the Smoke Monster were right, and we found that out in very dramatic fashion when the Locke-ness Monster transformed into the Monster and smoked Jacob's Bodyguards under the four-toed statue. However, we also discovered that what he really wants is to "go home." ("LA X") We learned he was at one time a man, who now is something else and that he's trapped. Locke-ness really wants to get off the island, and he managed to convince Sawyer to go with him, which we're guessing is a really bad idea for Sawyer. He also has to follow "the rules." ("The Substitute") Dogen called Locke-ness "evil incarnate." We also learned that when Sayid stabbed in the heart with the sword, Locke just pulled it out and handed it back to him. And he told Sayid he has the ability to offer him anything he wants, which we're guessing includes Sayid's long lost love, Nadia. ("Sundown") He released Richard from the chains on the shipwrecked Black Rock, but apparently it was to get him to kill Jacob. ("Ab Aeterno") Locke-ness admits to appearing to Jack as his dead dad, Christian. ("The Last Recruit") Apparently, he's trying to kill all the candidates by tricking them into actions where they kill each other. ("The Candidate")
5. Why does he need a loophole, and which one did he find? We're thinking the loophole might be that Smokey couldn't harm Jacob himself and needed to take a deceased human's form to do the deed. ("The Incident")
6. Why does the MiB hate Jacob? Jacob is in some way the MiB's jailer who keeps him on the island. ("Ab Aeterno")
7. Is Jacob really dead? Yes, but apparently he's still a factor in this chess match, since he appeared to Hurley and told him he/Jacob was actually dead and to take Sayid to the Temple to save his life. ("LA X") However, was it really Jacob who had that conversation with Hurley after all? Maybe dead really is dead. ("What Kate Does")
8. Is Locke dead? Our Locke is alive in the new Sideverse. However, he's dead in the old Lostverse, according to the Locke-ness Monster. In fact, he filled Ben in on all the details of what Locke was thinking as he was dying when Ben strangled him. Nice touch, that one. ("LA X")

9. Did time reset and keep the Oceanic 815 from crashing? Yes, but not without changes and at least one alternate universe. Apparently the island is under the water in the Sideverse. And yet the surviving Lostverse Survivors and Others are running around dealing with the fallout of the bomb explosion (or possibly non-explosion in that verse) and the Locke-ness Monster's newfound vengeful power. ("LA X")
10. Will Juliet and Sawyer find each other again in the Sideverse?
11. What kind of damage would an explosion from a hydrogen bomb create? Apparently it threw the surviving Survivors into an alternate past, which we're calling the Sideverse. It also sank the island. ("LA X")
12. What's the deal with the four-toed statue, and if it was really a statue of the Egyptian goddess Taweret, why was it built? we still don't know why it was built, but apparently the Black Rock broke it to pieces during a violent storm that sent the ship to be shipwrecked in the middle of the island. ("Ab Aeterno")
13. What's the Smoke Monster, and what's up with it? It appears the Smoke Monster is going to become the Big Bad of the season. The morphing monster seems to be some sort of evil force that can apparently take any form, such as Dead Locke, and possibly posing as Alex, when she told Ben to do whatever Locke says. In fact, we're guessing there's more to come when we find out how much this Big Bad has been messing with everyone since the beginning. And one more thing ... as the Locke-ness Monster tells Ben, he's not a "What." He's a "Who." And we discovered that he "wants to go home." ("LA X") We also discovered that he's trapped on the island, and that he's stuck in the form of John Locke when he's not going Smokey. ("The Substitute") Bad Hair Claire tells Jin, "That's not John. This is my friend." ("Lighthouse") Dogen says it's "evil incarnate." Swords can't kill him, or at least Sayid's sword couldn't kill him. Locke as Smokey took out the Temple in pretty extreme fashion, and then turned into Locke-ness and gathered up his recruits (and Kate). ("Sundown") Apparently he can't go over to the Hydra Island without having Sawyer check it out first. ("Recon") He had a good time taking out the surviving crew of the Black Rock, except for Richard. ("Ab Aeterno") He tricked the Losties into taking a bomb aboard the sub, which Sawyer set off thinking he was going to stop the countdown. Jack's figured out that Locke-ness needs them to kill each other because he can't kill them. That lead to Sayid, Jin and Sun's deaths, and possibly Frank's. ("The Candidate")

14. What's up with the ash, and why was it around Jacob's cabin? One of the Others used the ash (which may be something other than ash) to try to protect himself by pouring a circle of the stuff around himself when Smokey went ballistic and smoked the gun-toting Others under the four-toed statue. We also saw the stuff being poured at the Temple when those Others freaked after finding out Jacob was dead (which likely means they knew their protection against Smokey was gone). We're guessing this is going to be important in battling the Big Bad this season, since guns aren't going to work against him. ("LA X") Ilana also collected Jacob's ashes after Locke-ness burned him up in the fire under the four-toed statue. ("The Substitute")
15. Why did the Oceanic Six have to go back? Because some of them were candidates. ("The Substitute")
16. What happened to Claire? Side Claire ended up in a cab being kidnapped by an escaping Kate. ("LA X") However, Kate kicked her out of the cab and then went back for her after she realized Claire was a pregnant mommy and Kate felt guilty stealing her stuff. Then they bonded when Claire discovered that the baby's new adoptive parents were a bust and she began having labor pains. In the Lostverse, Claire saved Jin from two Temple Others who were about to kill him. And man, she looked like she'd been living in the woods since she went missing last season. ("What Kate Does") Claire told Jin she has been living in the woods since she went missing and that she was captured, tortured and branded by the Others. She believes they still have Aaron. She threatened to torture and kill an Other when he wouldn't tell her where her baby was. When Jin told her that Kate had raised Aaron for the last three years, she did kill the Other. Then Jin said he lied to stop her from killing the Other and that Aaron really was being held at the Temple by the Others. It's now appearing Claire was "infected" and "claimed" by Old Smokey (just as the Japanese Dude told Jack she was), since she's calling the Locke-ness Monster her "friend." ("Lighthouse")

17. Who is Richard Alpert really, and why doesn't he age? According to the Locke-ness Monster, Richard was in chains at some point, but we still don't know whose prisoner he was. ("LA X") We know he also doesn't trust the Locke-ness Monster, and he believes Old Smokey wants "everyone dead" on the island. ("The Substitute") Ah, now we know Richard Alpert was originally Richardo, dedicated husband to Isabella. When Isabella died of illness, Richard accidentally killed the doctor and was sold as a slave on the Black Rock, which smashed up on the island. The Man In Black released Richard from the ship's chains and gave him a knife to kill Jacob with the same sort of don't-let-him-speak-just-kill-him speech Sayid had gotten from Dogen. Well, Jacob was more formitable in 1867 and after a fight convinced Richard to help him with the people he brought to the island. And he promised he'd never die. ("Ab Aeterno")
18. How or why does the island heal people?
19. What's going on with the pregnancies?
20. What's the deal with Christian? Locke-ness admits to Jack he can only take the form of someone who died, and that at one time he appeared to Jack as his dead father, Christian. But was he telling Jack the truth? ("The Last Recruit")
21. Who are Adam and Eve, the skeletons found in the caves, and why do they have black and white stones on their bodies?

22. Are Hurley's numbers really cursed? When the bomb went off it must have lifted the curse in the Sideverse, considering Hurley says he's "luckiest man alive." No word yet on how cursed Hurley is in the Lostverse. ("LA X") The numbers, which have often appeared throughout the series, also are seen next to the Survivors/candidates names on the roof of Jacob's cave. The Locke-ness Monster told Sawyer that the names were candidates to take over Jacob's job of protecting the island and that Jacob had a thing for numbers. ("The Substitute") The numbers with the names were on a big wheel in the Lighthouse. When the wheel was turned to Jack's number, 23, and name, his childhood house was reflected in the mirrors. So we're thinking the numbers are a kind of locator, or longitude and latitude, of the candidates. ("Lighthouse")
23. Where is Walt and why is he important?
24. Will Charlie be back? He's back! In the Sideverse, Charlie was saved by Jack after nearly choking to death on the plane. ("LA X") And apparently he's gone Sideverse nuts, or maybe he's seeing Claire as his true love. (""Happily Ever After")
25. What's up with Libby, and will Hurley and Libby finally connect in the Sideverse? They more than connected. They had that first date finally, and with one kiss from Libby, Hurley began to remember the island world. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")
26. Where does the donkey wheel come from, and how does it work?
27. Who's on Jacob's list, why does Jacob have a list, and what does it all mean? Some of them are candidates, and the candidates may be job candidates for Jacob's job. ("The Substitute")
28. Why did Jacob diss Ben by not communicating with him while he was leader? Jacob explained to Richard he didn't talk to anyone, but would communicate through Richard. ("Ab Aeterno")
29. What's up with the Temple? The Temple's waters healed Ben as a child and, as we saw, in the Lostverse it saved Sayid, who came back to life at the end of "LA X" even though they'd turned dark. There are also a gaggle of Others living there who are freaked out by the news that Jacob is dead and started fortifying the Temple. ("LA X") And perhaps Sayid was actually saved by the dark side now that he's "infected" and "claimed," according to Japanese Dude Dogen. ("What Kate Did") Ghost Jacob tells Hurley that he had to get them (Jack and Hurley) away from the Temple because "Someone's coming there. Someone bad." ("Lighthouse") Well, the Temple Others are toast. Dogen and Lennon are dead, and old Smokey rocked the rest of the faithful. However, did Locke-ness look like he was taking his recruits away from the Temple? ("Sundown")

30. Was the ship that Jacob and the Man In Black see sailing in "The Incident" the Black Rock? Perhaps, but it was a sunny day and the Black Rock found itself in the middle of a terrible storm. ("Ab Aeterno")
31. How did the ship end up in the middle of the jungle, and what happened to the crew? The ship hit the statue breaking it apart and landing in the middle of the jungle. Then the Smoke Monster killed the crew, except for Richard Alpert. ("Ab Aeterno")
32. What's up with Charles Widmore, anyway? And better yet, what's up with his submarine? Does he really think Sawyer will bring back the MiB to be trapped? What is his real deal? ("Recon") He's determined to stop the Locke-ness Monster and has kidnapped Jin for some reason from Locke's camp. ("The Package") And he's taken Desmond back to the island to see if he can withstand an electromagnetic surge and believes bad things will happen if Desmond doesn't make a sacrifice. ("Happily Ever After") He desperately wants Desmond, who was kidnapped by Locke and thrown down a well, back from Locke-ness and is ready to go to war over it. ("The Last Recruit") He locked up the Losties in the animal cages for some reason. ("The Candidate")

33. What's up with the Whispers? Dead Michael appeared to ghostwhisperer Hurley to tell him that the whispers were the people who couldn't pass on because of what they'd done in life. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")
34. Why did Jacob go touch each of the survivors during their lives? According to Richard Alpert, being touched by Jacob was a gift/curse that in his case gave him a very long life without aging. Now that Jacob is dead, he doesn't seem happy about the deal anymore. ("Dr. Linus")
35. Why were these survivors chosen? The Locke-ness Monster tells Sawyer that each of them was chosen by Jacob to be a candidate to take over his job of protecting the island and their lives were manipulated so that they'd end up on the island. ("The Substitute")
36. Why didn't Jacob try to protect himself when Ben stabbed him? The Locke-ness Monster told Ben that Jacob knew he was beaten, but we think there's more to it than that. ("LA X") Miles told Ben that Jacob didn't protect himself because he was hoping Ben would change his mind at the last moment. ("Dr. Linus")
37. What is Ilana's connection to Jacob, and what favor did he ask of her? To protect the candidates. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")
38. What is Frank a candidate for? According to the Locke-ness Monster, candidates have the potential to become the next Jacob. However, if Frank is a candidate, why isn't his name on the cave ceiling with a cursed number by it? ("The Substitute") Maybe nothing now, if he did die on the sub. ("The Candidate")
39. Why isn't the island done with Desmond yet? Widmore told Desmond that the island wasn't done with him yet again, and then the he subjected Desmond to a possibily lethal experiment to confirm that he would withstand an electromagnetic surge. ("Happily Ever After")

40. What are the Rules? They involve not killing "him," which may or may not be Sawyer, according to the mysterious boy that the Locke-ness Monster sees. ("The Substitute")
41. Are Jacob and the MiB's Rules different from Ben and Whitmore's Rules?
42. Why did Ben strangle Locke when he mentioned Eloise Hawking? We still don't know why, but Ben admited he regretted murdering Locke at his grave. ("The Substitute")
43. What's up with the dog?
44. Will Sun and Jin ever get a chance to live happily ever after? Well, at least they finally got together and Sun got her voice back. ("The Last Recruit") And now they're dead... at least in the Lostverse. So, no. But Jin kept his promise to Sun and he refused to leave her when she was trapped in the flooding sub. ("The Candidate")
45. Will any of the survivors get a chance to live happily ever after?
46. Will the Smoke Monster get a chance to live happily ever after? We hope not. ("LA X")
47. Will we be satisfied with the way Lost ends?

48. In the Sideverse, why did things change on Flight 815 for some of the passengers, like Hurley being lucky instead of cursed? The changes continue and perhaps the two universes are beginning to collide? ("Happily Ever After")
49. Why was Desmond on the flight, and where did he vanish to? We guess he actually didn't vanish, we just didn't see him until he tried to help Claire with her luggage after the flight. ("Happily Ever After")
50. Why did Charlie "plan" to die? Because he had a vision were he felt "consciousness, altering love" with a blond woman when he was choking on a bag of heroine he was trying to swallow on the plane. ("Happily Ever After")
51. Why did the Temple Others freak when they learn Jacob was dead? It's looking like they had a good reason to freak now that most of them are dead, including Dogen, Lennon and many of the Temple Others. So, undoubtedly, Alive Jacob added protection to the Temple. Dead Jacob left them vulnerable and not handling things very well. ("Sundown")
52. Are the Locke-ness Monster and his Smoke Monster alter-ego badass, or what? We'll just say a big "yes" to that one. ("LA X") And an even bigger yes, considering how easily it took out the Temple personnel. ("Sundown") And then there's the events on the Black Rock. ("Ab Aeterno")

53. Why does Ghost Jacob want Hurley to save Sayid? And is it Ghost Jacob, or perhaps the Trickster Smoke Monster? ("What Kate Does") Or perhaps Jacob knew that in the end Sayid would do the right thing in the end and sacrifice himself to save the Candidates. ("The Candidate")
54. Where's Jack's dad's coffin in the Sideverse?
55. Will Side Jack be able to fix Locke's spine so he can walk again? We'll find out now that he's about to get Jack's surgery after being run down by Desmond's car. ("The Last Recruit") Jack thinks he can fix Locke's spine, but Locke busy punishing himself for his father's injuries after Locke got his pilot's license and the plane crashed. ("The Candidate")
56. Will Side Kate escape? She escapes for now, but ends up helping a pregnant Claire. ("What Kate Does") It looks like cop Ford/Sawyer caught her after she smashed into his car. ("Recon") She's been arrested. ("The Last Recruit")
57. Will Side Claire have her baby in L.A., and will she give him up for adoption? She's headed for an adoption agency when Desmond stirs her to a lawyer he knows, who just happens to be Ilana, and she's been looking for Claire Littleton. Apparently it's time to read Christian's will, and since Claire was his daughter and Jack's half-sister, she's an heir. So maybe she won't have to give the baby up for adoption now. ("The Last Recruit") And she's got that nifty music box. ("The Candidate")
58. The Locke-ness Monster tells Ben, "I'm not a What. I'm a Who." Who is he? Someone who is trapped. ("The Substitute")
59. Where is the "home" the Locke-ness Monster wants to go to?
60. What did the Locke-ness Monster mean when he told Richard Alpert it was good to see him out of "those chains"? It was a reference to when they first met aboard the shipwrecked Black Rock, when Richardo was chained up as a slave. The Man In Black/Locke-ness Monster released him and tried to get him to kill Jacob. That plan didn't work, but the comment reminded Richard of their past. ("Ab Aeterno")

61. How was Sayid resurrected after even the Others thought he was dead, and what does that mean for him? Well, Sayid told Hurley he wasn't a zombie. Beyond that, we know his wound is almost healed and the Temple Others "tested" (as in tortured) him to find out if he was infected and claimed (just as Jack's sister, Claire, was). Do we have that all cleared up now? ("What Kate Does") And if he was resurrected once, could he be resurrected again? ("The Candidate")
62. Why do the Temple Others have to torture Sayid to "diagnose" him, and why do they think he's been "infected" and "claimed"? Dogen told Sayid the machine he was strapped to could detect how much good and evil was in him, and in Sayid's case the evil was winning. ("Sundown")
63. And what's the significance of the Ajira plane, and why are the Temple Others being so secretive about it? Since it's on the Hydra Island, why does Widmore care about it, since he already has a submarine? ("Recon") Ilana thought the plane was a way off the island for the Locke-ness Monster, so she convinced Jack and the other candidates to blow it up... until she got blown up. With a little Hurley interference, Jack and the candidates go off to meet up with Locke, while Richard, Miles and Ben go off ot destroy the plane. ("Everybody Loves Hugo") Now that Locke convinced everyone to go to the sub and then he blew it up, the plane may just be his real way off the island. ("The Candidate")
64. Will Losties Kate and Claire hook up so that Kate can take her "back to Aaron"? They hook up, but we're thinking a trip off the island to get Claire back to Aaron won't come anytime soon. ("Sundown") And Claire clearly harbors animosity toward Kate. ("Recon") Kate convinces Claire to go with the candidates to try to escape the island so that she can see Aaron again. ("The Last Recruit") Poor Claire, they've left her behind again. Even though the sub was blown up, talk about feeling like being the last kid picked for basketball. ("The Candidate")

65. What happened to Lostie Claire while she was missing, and how did she end up looking so Rousseau-esque? Well, Bad Hair Claire has definitely gone "Rousseau" on us. Locke-ness became her "friend" and she ended up on the dark side of things. She saved Jin, captured an Other and demanded to know where her son was. Then she killed the Other when Jin told her Kate had raised him. Now that Jin told her he lied about Kate and that the Others have Aaron, she's ready to go to the Temple to get him. ("Lighthouse")
66. Who is the kid Locke-ness sees? Why can Sawyer see him, but Richard Alpert can't? We still don't know who he is, but he appeared again to Locke-ness and Desmond, just before Locke-ness pushed Desmond down a well. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")
67. Why does the Jacob-esque kid remind the Locke-ness Monster he can't kill Sawyer because of "the rules"?
68. In what way is Locke-ness trapped and how did he go from being a man to whatever the heck he is now? Apparently the island is a cork which keeps evil in in some fashion. ("Ab Aeterno")
69. Why is the Man In Black "stuck" in the form of John Locke when he's not Smokey, according to Ilana? How does she know that? And how does she know where the Temple secret passage is? ("Sundown")
70. In Jacob's lair, why are the mysterious numbers next to the survivor's names on cave roof? Why is Kate's name scratched out?
71. Why did Jacob choose these people as candidates to take over his island-protecting (or Smokey jailing) job?
72. Will Sideverse Locke ever connect with Jack for that spinal consult? Forget the consult. After Desmond runs Side-Locke down with this car, Jack's called in for emergency surgery on Locke. ("The Last Recruit") He did, but Locke refused the surgery which might give him a chance to walk again. ("The Candidate")

73. If Sideverse Locke is on good terms with his father, considering Helen's remark about him being at their wedding, how did John end up in a wheelchair? Locke just got his pilot's license and the plane crashed with his father aboard. ("The Candidate")
74. Will Sayid go the way of psycho Bad Hair Claire? Oh, yes. Thanks to Locke-ness, Sayid has definitely gone the way of Claire. ("Sundown") However, both he and Claire may be having second thoughts. Claire goes with Kate and the candidates with hopes of seeing Aaron, and Sayid may, or may not, have shot Desmond in cold blood as Locke-ness commanded. ("The Last Recruit") Apparently Desmond is alive, as are Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer thanks to Sayid's heroic moment where he grabbed the bomb on the sub and raced away from them. ("The Candidate")
75. If the Numbers are actually a locator for tagging candidates, why do those numbers pop up so many other places?
76. According to Jacob, Jack has "what it takes," he's "important," and he's on the island "to do something," but what does that really all mean?
77. When Jacob tells Hurley "it's too late" to warn the Others that "someone bad" is coming to the Temple, why is it too late, and who's coming? Claire, Sayid and the Locke-ness Monster. And yes, it was too late, but why didn't Jacob save Dogen? ("Sundown")
78. Is it just more Messing With Our Heads Sideverse when Jack sees his appendix scar (which was removed on the island in the Lostverse), and his mom tells him he had it removed when he was 7? And what about his Side son, David?
79. Who is David's mother, and why isn't she with Jack anymore?
80. What will happen when Claire and Kate finally meet up? Kate told Clarie she'd raised Aaron after Claire went missing. Smokey attacked the Temple and the women ended up hiding in the same hole to avoid his wrath. At the end, Claire, Sayid and Kate (along with some Others) followed Locke-ness's lead. ("Sundown") First Claire tried to kill her, and then she hugged her. ("Recon")
81. Will Locke-ness reunite Sayid with Nadia? It's not looking likely now that Sayid is dead and all. ("The Candidate")
82. Will Side-Sayid and Nadia end up together? It's not looking good either. He got arrested by Sawyer. ("The Last Recruit")
83. Why does Smokey/Locke-ness need recruits to leave the island? Or perhaps he just wants them in one place so he can kill them... or maybe blow up the plane. ("The Package") Indeed he does want them all in one place and he blew up the sub to kill them, or trick them into killing themselves. Beyond that he didn't seem at all happy to discover that some of the candidates were still alive as he set off "to finish what I started." ("The Candidate")
84. Why can't Richard Alpert kill himself? Why does he believe his life has no meaning? Why does he suddenly not believe anything Jacob tells Hurley? What's the whole gifts and curse thing? He believed his life had no meaning and that Jacob lied. Of course, now that Hurley helped him connect to his dead wife, Isabella, Richard seems back on Jacob's side. ("Ab Aeterno")
85. Does Sideverse Locke actually have a hint of Smokey in him when it comes to him planting the seed that Ben might want to go after the principal's job?
86.What is the Locke-ness Monster's real ticket off the island?
87. What does Charles Widmore really want? They have something to do with Desmond and electronmagnetic pockets. ("The Package" and "Happily Ever After")
88. How and why is Ilana injured when we see her in her flashback with Jacob, and in what way has she been preparing to protect the candidates? Who cares. She got blown up. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")
89. Will Richard be able to stop the Man In Black and his people from leaving the island?
90. Is the Island really like the cork of a bottle that keeps the evil in?

91. Who will win? The Locke-ness Monster or Widmore or Jacob?
92. Why is Zoe asking Jin about electromagnetic survey maps of the island?
93. Why did Widmore bring Desmond back to the island?
94. Will Richard's plan to blow up the plane to stop the Smoke Monster from leaving work?
95. In the Sideverse, will Sun lose her baby after being shot? And will Jin and Sun escape her father? At the hospital, Jin tells her that the baby is fine. ("The Last Recruit")
96. Why does Widmore believe Desmond is so important and what's the sacrifice Widmore wants Desmond to make?
97. How can Desmond survive the electromagnetic bursts? And is tht why Desmond begins having visions of the Lostverse?
98. In the Sideverse, why does Eloise tell Desmond that it's a "violation" regarding "the way you see things"? And why does she tell him, "You're not ready yet, Desmond"? Ready for what?
100. In the Lostverse, after Desmond wakes up after surviving the burst, why does he agree to help Widmore and then just as easily agree to go with Sayid?

101. What's up with the new sighting of the mysterious boy and why did he appear to Locke and Desmond?
102. Why did the Locke-ness Monster push Desmond down the well and why does he want him dead?
103. Why does Hurley listen to Dead Michael about stopping the candidates from blowing up the plane?
104. Did Desmond survive the fall? Yes, but did he survive Sayid's orders to kill him? ("The Last Recruit") Sayid told Jack where the well was that Desmond was trapped in. ("The Candidate")
105. In the Sideverse, why did Desmond run over John Locke with his car?
106. Will Hurley and Libby live happily ever after?

107. Did Sayid kill Desmond, help him out of the well or leave him? On the sub, just before Sayid ran off with the bomb to save everyone, he told Jack where the well was so he could find Desmond. He also told Jack that since Locke-ness wants Desmond dead, he'll need him. ("The Candidate")
108. Why did Charles Widmore break his deal with Sawyer and what does that mean?
109. Why does Locke-ness save Jack from the artillery shelling on the beach?
110. How does Side-Desmond know how to mess with people so they'll remember the island?
111. Who is the last recruit?

What Lost questions, answers, and theories do you have?

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