Lost's sideverse ... is a Facebook page?—and more!

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Jul 4, 2015

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week (Lost's finale received lots of attention from haters and lovers alike), in case you missed anything. Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: The Periodic Table of The Empire Strikes Back (CHART)

Your best comment: It's a trap!— nomeacuerdo

Our story: 30 Empire Strikes Back references from sci-fi movies & TV

Your best comment: Your Lost reference is the most obvious one but there are many others that are more subtle. My fave happens when they're building the raft and Miachael runs over to say "No, this one goes there, THAT one goes there" mimicking Han Solo in TESB.— Tom Black

Our story: Harrison Ford FINALLY speaks out about Star Wars

Your best comments: Didn't anyone ask him who shot first?— Kevin


I was at the event as well, and they screened the enhanced version.

What I was mostly inspired by during the event was the fact that Harrison Ford hadn't seen the movie in 30 years since it came out. He said that he had recently watched Episode IV to have a backlog on Episode V. And he was 2 rows in front of us and about 4 seats down and I could clearly see him watching the movie as if he'd never seen it before. That made the event very memorable for me. — spaced

Our story: 119 things Lost did (and didn't) answer

Your best comment: I keep hearing people say the answer to the pregnacies was that they were dead! They weren't dead, Christian says in the finale that everyone died at different times, some before and some after Jack. They weren't all dead on the island. The pregnacy issue is simple...there was an atom bomb set off on the island...— ranric

Our story: POLL: Did Lost's series finale deliver?

Your best comments: so basically, the sideverse is an afterlife facebook page where you can connect with old friends.— jmaguire


Maybe this will simplify things. Mentally edit all the Sideways stuff out of Season Six and stick it at the end. Think of the SidewaysVerse as an Epilogue or Extreme FlashFoward.

So Jack closes his eyes for the last time in the bamboo patch and opens them again on the plane as it safely lands.

I think that the ironic / somewhat confusing part is that the sidewaysverse really has nothing to do with the Island itself. In theory, it could have been the end of -any- show... as characters who meant a lot to each other find each other in the afterlife and remember each other.

The sidewaysverse / purgatory was entirely about the characters. It really didn't have much to do with the mythology of the Island.

Heh. I'd love them to air the series... with every scene aired in chronological order. that means even the time travel stuff... — melsner

Our story: Greatest sci-fi novel ever* to FINALLY be filmed

Your best comments: I find Neuromancer overrated. Sure it was genre defining, but there have been FAR superior cyberpunk novels published since then. Just because something is the first doesn't mean it's the best.

I don't see this ever being a successful film.— Thradar


I call a fair to middling chance that this will all come out ending up much like Stephen Kings' "Lawn Mower Man" did.

I'd was honestly hoping to see a fat, naked, Jeff Fahey crawling along behind Big Red eating up grass, gophers and everything (and body) that got in his way.— 2ADay

Our story: ABC clarifies that everyone on LOST was NOT dead the whole show

Your best comment: The wreckage was litter left by the crew of LOST on the beach that nobody bothered to pick up. In the far right corner, you can see an Indian with a tear in his eye...— Impy

Our story: 10 awesome Lost prequels and sequels you know you'd watch

Your best comments: Dharma and Greg: The Unhappy Days

Greg Grunberg (the original pilot in the pilot) does not die after Juliet detonates the bomb. He comes back to join the Dharma initiative during the 70s. Hilarity and tragedy ensue.— macmvn


We all know the very best spin-off would be "Richard Alpert in the 21st Century", focusing on Richard and his roommates Frank Lapidus and Miles Straume as they live in a condo in Arizona. Witness as Frank and Miles try to help the nearly 200-year-old man apply for Medicaid, learn to drive a car, figure out how the Internet works and stay one step ahead of immigration agent "Bo" Hanso.— Kevin Brettauer

Our story: 5 famous sci-fi movie quotes as infographics

Your best comment: It's 2010 and there's still no sign of my flying car. There are still plenty of roads, however. And potholes. Lots and lots of potholes.— Anonymous

Our story: 34 projects where you'll see your favorite Lost stars next

Your best comments: Josh "Sawyer" Holloway will be the lead in "Snakes on a Plane 2: Electric Boogaloo". He will be taking over for Sam Jackson as Neville Flynn who must protect a group of breakdancers from killer snakes released on their airplane on route to a breakdance competition.— Obi Window Washer


Your best comments: Sawyer for Snake Plisken!— D3Y

Our story: POLL: What was the greatest sci-fi finale of all time?

Your best comment: I wonder if "St. Elsewhere" counts. It wasn't really sci fi until the very last episode when you learn that it's all in an autistic kids head. Which in term made a ton of TV shows that all crossed over into each other a figment of his imagination as well

That and the finale of "Newhart" were the most original ending to series.

I don't think anything else is comparable.— TheBladeRunner

Our story: See trailers and concept art from 9 new sci-fi TV series

Your best comment: whats the point? most will probably be axed after 1 season (or less) id rather they'd keep the decent shows they already have running... im sick of begining new stuff every season to have it gone without a trace.— spydrebyte

Our story: 16 sci-fi soldiers we should all salute on Memorial Day

Your best comment: Memorial Day is supposed to commemorate US men and women who lost their lives during military service.

You cheapen all their memories by posting an article like this.— vietnam_vet

Our story: Heidi Montag's embarrassing Transformers 3 audition tape

Your best comments: Do you think Heidi will get her big toes surgically implanted on her hands so she can have toe thumbs like Megan Fox too?— David


Oh god I hope he hires her!!! I hope he hires her and has Megatron step on her right in the middle of a monolouge ala Sam Jackson from that hideous shark movie he was in a few years back.

BTW, why did she spend hard earned money to look like Tori Spelling?— TattsDeej

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