Watch Frodo and Merry beat the $@#! out of each other (seriously!)

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Dec 15, 2012

Hobbits of the Four Farthings are known for many things. Their love of peace and quiet, good tilled earth ... and (apparently) brawling in the boxing ring!

Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan, following a hearty second breakfast, squared off inside the ropes at last weekend's Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. A feverish crowd gathered ringside, hoping to see some hobbit blood spilled. (Or at least a little Shire sweat.) In a brutal grudge match sponsored by the Irish boxing documentary, Knuckle, the former Ringbearer and his fellow pilgrim talked some pre-fight smack on the merits of World of Warcraft, then laced up the gloves.

The feisty pair display some nimble footwork and an occasional flurry, but how much ferocity can really be unleashed with bright pink Everlasts on? Witness the senseless violence for yourself.

Any wagers on the victor? Let the beatdown begin ...

What other title bouts and Middle-earth melees would you love to see?

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