Lou Diamond Phillips cracks up a CGI alien in unaired SGU scene

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Dec 14, 2012

Remember those cool aliens from Syfy's Stargate Universe episode "Awakenings" a few weeks ago? The ones from the seemingly derelict seed ship that surprised Destiny's away crew by showing up to interfere with the humans' plans to get back to Earth?

Well, an outtake has popped up on the Web that has Lou Diamond Phillips, aka Col. Telford, telling one of the aliens a joke, with the alien having a delayed reaction and then laughing it up big time.

What makes this interesting is that the alien is CGI and had to be put in later, meaning that director Andy Mikita, visual effects supervisor Mark Savela and his visual effects team had to work together to create the gag scene.

"I made a pretty funny joke just 2 crack up the crew," Phillips tweeted. "@marksavela & crew took it to a whole new level. Love working w talented, funny people!"

As for Phillip's joke, it was "Just LDP being funny when we were shooting and we ran with it," tweeted Savela. "It was just a fun little thing we all wanted to do."

And the tweets kept coming. "Ya know @marksavela if the Emmy voters had seen THAT outtake, it woulda been a slam dunk! You and your team rock!" tweeted Phillips. Along with "Be careful what you joke on #SGU! Evil geniuses at work!"

Here's the outtake:

When it comes to those aliens, executive producer and co-creator Brad Wright added, "They're pretty cool creatures ... We had the idea of running into a seed ship early on in the season, and the notion that the ship was already occupied kind of made the story work. Just finding a seed ship, it was just the starting point."

And when it comes to that funny scene where the alien first shows up staring at Volker on the bridge of the seed ship and then just falls down like he's fainted, "I pitched that in the room and everybody laughed. And I said, 'No, I'm serious. I think that would be cool,'" said Wright.

"Mark Savela, our supervisor, is ... A, he's brilliant. B, he never says no. Which ... I worry for him, actually. I say, 'Mark, can we do this?' and he goes, 'Sure.' And I go, 'Come on. I've been doing this a long time. We can't do this.' And he goes, 'Yeah, I think we can.' And so he is so eager and willing to push the envelope and to push our own boundaries," he said. "We're not talking about a big company. We're talking about one guy and a few employees."

So what did you think of the outtake?

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