Love, Sex, Death, FemBots: This week's Killjoys has them all

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Aug 7, 2016

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the most recent episode of Killjoys or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.


Holy sh*t, Killjoys. When you decide to jam-pack an episode, you don't mess around. The second I sat down to write this post, my first question was "How do I fit everything in?" I decided I'm going to play with the format a bit and take it OMG/WTF/Aww moment by OMG/WTF/Aww moment and see how that goes. Additionally, A+ to the writing team for an episode title like "I Love Lucy."


Follow the bouncing ball - banter, humor, sibling rivalry and a chase? Yes please, and thank you.

Mossy and the "green plasma sh*t" - I love that we have an official name both for the mossipede (I've added the name to my personal dictionary) and the plasma itself. Once again, the banter between the brothers is so on point and D'avin's "bowl me bitches" may become my new favorite cereal request opener. "I'm gonna throw up with all of my mouth" is also a keeper. 

Pree the Stylish Dictator - Thom Allison is such a treasure, and Pree having this whole other life comes in really handy without being too unreasonable. Can we start a petition for a flashback episode about Pree's warlording days? Also love the creation of the word "dwant" and its meaning. Thank you, Pree.

Sabine - For the record, I was skeptical when I saw this clip before I saw the episode. My Spidey sense has been tingling like crazy for a while about Sassy/Sandwich/Sabine and this episode confirmed that she's more than meets the eye.


When she started leaking exuding expelling the green plasma during that steamy sex scene, part of me was so proud to have been suspicious, but the other part of me was busy wondering WTH was going on? Is she a Level Six and did D'avin's connection with the plasma "evolve" again? I have no idea. If you have a thought, I'd love to hear it.

Holophone phone sex and keeping secrets - I'm 100% down with Pawter and Johnny's relationship, but I'm reallllly not enjoying the subterfuge. Johnny having to keep secrets from Dutch and D'avin clearly upsets him and it's going to piss off Dutch and D'avin. When you start asking Lucy to delete info, there's a problem.

Johnny navigating an asteroid field, an asteroid spaceship (Johnny's little laugh/snort!) and the introduction of San Romwell (Keon Alexander), who, it turns out, is a pretty interesting guy. -  In one character, you have so many answers to the bigger questions the show has been asking this season: What is the plasma? What does it do? How long has it been around? Where do you get it? Toss in someone who can go toe-to-toe with Dutch on multiple levels and also gets more interesting as the episode goes on –– let's just say I liked him and I hope we see him again. 

FemBots! - You know I was hooked from the moment I saw them, but the added thrill of seeing Tamsen McDonough (Lucy's voice actress) had me clapping in glee. I'm always going to enjoy ladies being total badasses, especially when they have hidden weaponry. Plus, "Stop talking, be naked." I mean, c'mon.

The backstory on Dutch's Sitara - We've has snippets throughout Seasons 1 and 2, but hearing the story of both the Sitara and the death of Dutch's husband was both illuminating and heartbreaking. The addition of the mental connection and Dutch's seductively murderous skills gave the entire scene so much depth and context. I couldn't look away. It was also nice to hear Hannah John-Kamen's singing voice. I'd heard that both Hannah and Luke like to sing together on set, so I'm glad they found a way to incorporate it into the show. The entire sequence was a dance, and it was executed perfectly.

Lucy gets a body! - The preview from last week and the episode title clued me in to what was coming, but it was so much better than I anticipated. Her little “yay” when she fires the blaster, her snarky little smile, and the kiss. We’ve always known about her devotion to John and Dutch, but seeing her willingness to sacrifice herself in a physical body made it hit harder. I’m very curious to know what ripples will follow as we go on with the series.

The whole scene with Dutch and Romwell once he comes back from the dead. - From beginning to end, it was so so so good. Dutch may be attracted to Alvis, but I hope we see Romwell again. He's the closest thing I'd see to an equal match for Dutch yet (I'm not counting Khylen because he's still the stronger of the two overall) and I want to kiss whoever it is that wrote the phrase "manic pixie assassin."

"I'm a wizard". - D'avin's feeling good and that's great, but I'm worried. His ability to control the plasma is one thing, but who knows what else he can do or have done to him. Oh, wait, we do. Poor Sabine. I hope she survives whatever it is that's happened to her.

Pawter and Johnny together on Lucy K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Alvis and the Scarback legacy - I'm never going to be upset by a good romantic scene or a good-looking person being shirtless (I'm human, after all), but the bigger takeaway from these scenes is more information on the green plasma, the rituals the Scarbacks practice, and the trees. My husband and I discussed the Scarback cutting thing a couple of weeks ago and we have the same theory Alvis does about why they did it then (to check their blood) and why they do it now (to take on other's sins for their own past sins?), but it occurred to me that this gives a whole new context to the trees the scientists were holding in the memory D'avin had and why the Scarbacks were fighting to destroy them.  

Speaking of the plasma and the answers this season seems to be asking, here's where we're at (if I miss something, feel free to comment): The plasma and the sap from trees the Scarbacks worship are likely one and the same. That liquid has evolved over time with each connection it's made (is that why D'av and Khylen have a residual mind link?) and the Scarbacks used to cut themselves to verify that they still had blood and not plasma. The mossipedes were in a cave with an old tree and a dead Scarback monk. Are they an evolution of the plasma? It would stand to reason they came after the monk died because Alvis found a body, not a skeleton. D'avin's brain surgery coupled with his exposure to the plasma gave him a way to affect it. We also have a better understanding of how the Level Sixes are connected and how Khylen can control them. 

Here's what I think we're going in the next four episodes: D'avin's going to learn more about controlling the plasma, thereby being able to control Khlyen and the other Level Sixes. That should give us more information on the Black Root and why Khylen seems to be avoiding them. It should also answer what's above Level Six that's controlling the Company. On that note, Pawter's digging as one of the Nine is going to give us more information on both The Company and the season Eleanor Simms was willing to free Qresh to save it.

That's a lot to cover in a short time. What do you think?

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