Love it or hate it, Amy Adams' Lois Lane will be a redhead

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Krystal Clark
Dec 15, 2012

Man of Steel is bringing some serious changes to the Superman franchise. Earlier today, we posted a photo of Clark Kent dressed as a bearded hobo, and now we've got a closer look at the revamped and red-haired Lois Lane.

Amy Adams was recently photographed on the Man of Steel set dressed as her comic book alter ego Lois Lane. When the actress was first cast, fans wondered if she'd dye her hair dark brown or black to match the comic version of the character. The answer was—no! But don't worry; this isn't the first time Ms. Lane has taken a walk on the red side.

In the 1988 comic series, The World of Metropolis, Lane sported a short, red bob. Is Zack Snyder tapping into something here? Perhaps, he's desperately trying to make his Superman story stand out by altering the character's traditional appearance. In every Superman TV or film adaptation, Lois Lane has always been a brunette and for the most part, Clark Kent has been clean cut. No hobo stubble.

Whether you like it or loathe it—it's happening. This is our new Lois Lane, what do you think?

Man of Steel opens June 14, 2013.

(The Daily Mail via Coming Soon)

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