scene from Lunar Cult Studios' Lust For Darkness

Lovecraftian horror game Lust For Darkness is emerging from the fathomless depths

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Jun 2, 2018

Lunar Cult Studios definitely sounds like the kind of creator who would summon up a first-person Cthulhu-themed video game published by PlayWay, and now that game, Lust for Darkness, has not only clawed its way out of the shadows of another dimension but has a new trailer and release date.

Lust for Darkness spawned last year on Kickstarter. Apparently, it has been thorough a series of spells, incantations, and blasphemous rituals (or maybe a cult of ardent weird fiction fans) for the gates to Lovecraftian realm Lust’ghaa to finally be opening June 12 on Steam.

WARNING: The trailer ahead is crawling with adult content that may or may not have to do with tentacle erotica and the occult.

This game is definitely not G-rated, as alpha demo previews from YouTubers CoryxKenshin, POiiSED, and The Horror Show prove just in case you didn’t catch on to the twisted take on an iconic American Beauty scene in the trailer. The land of Lusst’ghaa is what Lunar Cult calls “a psychological horror of seeking satisfaction on the border of two intertwining world.” Erotic and occult themes intertwine throughout the candlelit rooms of Yelverton’s Victorian mansion, which is a house of both pleasures and horrors.

You are protagonist Jonathan Moon, whose wife has been missing for a year when he receives a mysterious letter from her telling him not to call the police but to head to an eldritch mansion where unspeakable things happen. There are masked cultists. And monsters. And profane ceremonies that could make you lose any will to live at some points. Did I mention the loss of a will to live?

There is no turning back once you’ve gone through that door, and you must use portals between two alternate realities to hunt down clues about what really happened to Amanda Moon while dodging creatures that went through hundreds of years of experiments in some mad scientist’s lab so they could never stop experiencing carnal pleasures. You can kind of see where this is going.

Until Lust for Darkness lures you in later this month, you can add it to your STEAM wishlist right here.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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