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Lovecraftian nightmare web series Ghost Radio is back to mess with your head in Season 2

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Aug 2, 2018, 1:03 PM EDT

If you survived the first season of web series Ghost Radio, it’s coming back to haunt you — this time with teeth.

The series, which was the brainchild of Argentinian filmmaker Christian Ponce, is basically the demon spawn of H.P. Lovecraft and Welcome to Night Vale. Kirlian is a town overshadowed by a specter of evil that seethes and writhes in the most unexpected places. Stereotypical suburban homes with wallpaper that isn’t peeling yet may still be hiding something behind those family portraits.

Not everything in Kirlian has tentacles, but you don’t always need extra appendages to keep you up at night. The fifth episode that starts off Season 2 seems deceptively innocuous until a dog’s incessant barking sends an old man into a Twilight Zone-esque spiral of horror that makes him question his sense of reality. The dog doesn’t have horns or multiple heads, but there is something sinister about how it barks so maniacally.

Whether or not this is a figment of the old man’s overactive imagination is highly debatable until the animalistic noises turn into a spoken prophecy. Or does it?

There has to be a reason that the old man’s visitor has been terrified of that particular house as long as he can remember, even though the literal skeletons he imagined crumbling beneath the floorboards are nothing more than the ghosts of his childhood fears. That would be too obvious. What he does encounter is something much more insidious.

Pulsing through Kirlian is the blood of weird fiction and Lovecraftian horror, the menacing, intangible fear that blossoms into madness. Ponce has taken the deepest human dread and built it into a city threatened by more than just an impending comet apocalypse. That obviously hasn’t struck yet, since we will be seeing another episode this November.

Listen to the episode here if you think you can stay sane.

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