Lucas admits Star Wars 'stood on the shoulders' of Star Trek

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Jul 10, 2013, 11:06 AM EDT (Updated)

Star Trek vs. Star Wars. The great geek debate has raged for decades. But now the architect of one of those properties has admitted he owes a pretty big debt to the other.

As part of the upcoming documentary Trek Nation, Star Wars creator George Lucas has opened up about what role Trek played in getting Star Wars off the ground. Without Trek breaking in a broad spectrum of sci-fi fans, Lucas said it could’ve stacked the deck so far against Star Wars that it would’ve crashed and burned upon release.

It's a fascinating thought, and here’s an excerpt from Lucas’ interview:

“Star Trek softened up the entertainment arena so that Star Wars could come along and stand on its shoulders, and there was an effective group of people in the beginning who accepted it, that it wasn’t that far out. For the studios it was way far out, but there was a fan base out there, primarily the Star Trek fan base, who understood science fiction.”

It’s nice to know that, despite the fact that the latest installment of Star Wars is expected to make more than a billion dollars, he can still give a hat tip to his franchise’s biggest rival for opening the door for the Skywalker clan.

Where do you fall on the endless debate? Trek or Star Wars?

(Via Hero Complex)