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Lucasfilm goes full-on Sith to shut down unofficial Star Wars lightsaber school

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Oct 18, 2016

If you take your Jedi talents seriously, there’s a school for that. Well, at least there is for now.

Lucasfilm has filed a federal lawsuit against the Lightsaber Academy, an unaffiliated group that has been running its own unofficial lightsaber school. Oh, and their logo might be a bit too similar to the actual logo of the Jedi Order. Oops. 

The Lightsaber Academy is described as a consortium of academic, stage combat and sports dueling lightsaber instructors. Put simply, it seems to be a glorified fencing class with a Star Wars spin, which is actually pretty brilliant. At least until you start getting a bit too much attention and making a bit too much money off Lucasfilm’s intellectual property. 

In the suit, Lucasfilm alleges customers might be confused into believing the courses are officially sanctioned by the company. Here’s an excerpt from the lawsuit:

Defendants regularly use the Lucasfilm Trademarks without authorization in connection with their businesses. Among other infringing activities, Defendants use a logo ("Defendants’ Infringing Logo") that is nearly identical, and confusingly similar, to Lucasfilm’s trademark Jedi Order logo. ...Defendants’ Infringing Logo, like Lucasfilm’s trademark Jedi Order logo, is round in shape, with six wing-like shapes curving upward (three per side), and an eight-pointed star featuring elongated top and bottom points stretched into a vertical line.

The lawsuit claims the owner of the Lighsaber Academy, Michael Brown, tried several times to get a license from Lucasfilm to hold the courses — to no avail. So he (the suit alleges) moved ahead in an unofficial capacity anyway. 

Check out a side-by-side comparison of the logos via Arc Technica below and let us know what you think:

So yeah, if you want to bone up on your lightsaber skills, you better do it quick.

(Via Ars Technica)

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