Lucasfilm domain registration reveals mystery Star Wars project

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Dec 15, 2012

We all know that George Lucas and his loyal Lucasfilm army are going to keep expanding the Star Wars universe until the zombie apocalypse. But even with that knowledge, we can't help getting excited when the slightest detail reveals itself. Today we found out that Lucasfilm has registered domains for a new mystery project from the Star Wars franchise, so let the speculation begin!

Three domains—, (typo) and—were registered by Lucasfilm on Nov. 7 through brand protection firm Corporation Service Company. We have no details at all on any of them except a name: Star Wars: Identities.

What is this mystery project? A film? A series of films? A TV show? Those don't seem that likely, since the TV side of Lucasfilm is pretty busy already with Clone Wars and that Robot Chicken comedy show in development. It's also likely not a film, since Lucas has for years denied any possibility of a sequel series to the original trilogy (and we have dozens of books that cover that time period anyway).

So that leaves other media. Are we talking about an MMORPG, a new incarnation of Star Wars Galaxies? The "Identities" element seems to suggest that could be the case. How about an official online database, or new merchandise, or a web series? Sadly, nothing really points strongly in one direction or another on that front. All we know from the registration record is that at least one of these domains is set to expire in two years. Hopefully we won't have to wait that long to find out more, but the rest is up to Lucas at this point.

(Fusible via /Film)

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