Lucasfilm's mysterious Story Group reveals Expanded Universe characters could return

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Apr 20, 2015

One of the most intriguing things about Disney’s Star Wars revival was the creation of a full-fledged Story Group to keep track of the new movies, books, games and comics — and ensure they all fit into a cohesive narrative canon.

Attendees at Star Wars Celebration got a firsthand look at this mysterious cabal as they discussed everything from bringing Boba Fett back to life to reintroducing fan favorites from the massive Expanded Universe. Turns out the Story Group isn’t tasked with hatching all the stories. Writers and producers still pitch ideas, and this team basically just decides whether and how it does (or doesn’t) fit into the grand scheme of things.

One of the big questions among fans in attendance? If we might ever see any fan favorites from the Expanded Universe — now reclassified as non-canon Legacy materials — introduced in the new films/books/comics/games/etc. According to /Film, the story group representatives on hand confirmed there are ongoing discussions about potentially retooling and reintroducing characters who first appeared in the Expanded Universe down the line. Popular options among those in attendance were Thrawn and Mara Jade.

The team also clarified a bit more about how the Story Group works, including where videogames and and the Lego Star Wars shows and specials fit. Not surprisingly, those things aren’t exactly canon, though they are filtered through the Story Group for “Authenticity.” Considering that videogames can often have several different endings built in, and the fact that the Lego shows are intended more for a kiddie audience, this makes sense.

Last but not least: The beloved mercenary elephant in the room, Boba Fett, was also addressed. According to Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo, Boba Fett is “simultaneously alive and dead in the Sarlaac Pit until a story pulls him out.” Schrodinger’s Boba Fett, basically. So, yeah, we’d look to see him pop up at some point down the line as Lucasfilm expands the slate of spinoffs and comic-book materials.

What would you like to see from the future of Star Wars? Are you pleased with Disney’s approach up to this point?

(Via /FIlm)

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