Lucifer set to possess Comic-Con after being saved from cancellation damnation

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Jun 18, 2018, 8:10 PM EDT

It’s a good time to be a Lucifer fan right now. Not only was the series the focus of the passion-fueled #SaveLucifer fan campaign -- which successfully facilitated a divine rescue after its recent smiting at the hands of Fox -- but its impending return will see the series on the more content-amenable, nay, bingeable, platform of Netflix. Indeed, the perks are continuing to pile, since it appears that Lucifer will make its presence felt at Comic-Con next month!

Yes, Lucifer will be bringing its signature brand of sin to attendees this year, even though its recent cancellation put a damper on plans for a proper panel and the deadline has passed. The news was confirmed by executive producer Ildy Modrovich, who fielded a fan’s question on Twitter about the show's San Diego Comic-Con plans with a most potent answer.

While Modrovich admits that the plans have hardly taken shape, she does make the promise of something Lucifer-related for the annual festivities. This, however, is where fact meets temporarily unsubstantiated speculation, since Deadline is reporting that Comic-Con ideas are being discussed, one of which would have the Lucifer cast and creative personnel potentially invading (the report uses the verb “parachuting”) the panel of another Warner Bros. Television series. Or -- a more likely scenario -- an off-site press event that would serve as the de facto panel.

As far as what content could be discussed for a Lucifer Season 4 panel (makeshift or otherwise) at such a nascent stage, the report also indicates that a writer’s room is scheduled to open on June 25, which still leaves about a month to conjure up something juicy in the way of details. This would especially be the case if the showrunners plan to move in the same direction they revealed in a post-cancellation interview regarding the game-changing cliffhanger, in which Lauren German's Det. Chloe Decker finally learns the truth that Tom Ellis's Lucifer is, indeed, actually Lucifer.

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 will be held July 19-22.