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Lucifer's Tom Ellis on how the show will (and won't) change on Netflix. Hint: He might bare his butt

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Jul 21, 2018, 12:01 PM EDT (Updated)

The Devil is making the rounds at Comic-Con. Lucifer star Tom Ellis swooped into San Diego to talk about the miraculous revival the show received from Netflix after being canceled by Fox. Though there is no official Lucifer panel at SDCC this year — the late renewal made that impossible to plan — Ellis and executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich are making press appearances at the convention.

In June, Netflix picked up the show for a fourth season following the cancellation on Fox. Fans were ecstatic, particularly since the Season 3 cliffhanger featured a much-anticipated moment when Lucifer Morningstar (Ellis) finally revealed his so-called "devil face" to Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) after more than 50 episodes of will-they-or-won't-they romantic tension. Chloe had long dismissed his stories about being the Devil (and his father being the Almighty), but now that she's seen his true, gruesome face, she's inclined to believe that she's been solving crimes alongside – and falling in love with – Satan himself.

"We get straight back into it," Ellis told TV Line of the start of Season 4, and teases that Lucifer was unaware that he had the devil face on at the time, so Chloe's likely shock will come as a surprise. The pair are "apparently" still working together, but Ellis added that "The weird thing this year about coming to Comic-Con is that I can't talk about the show and what's going to happen so much, because I don't know." The scripts haven't been written yet, and production begins August 13. Netflix has yet to announce a premiere date.

One of the biggest changes the show will undergo is the reduced episode count, with just 10 installments, roughly half the typical network order. "When you do 22 episodes you really have to kinda stretch it out and you end up diluting a lot of the story," Ellis told TV Line. "The nice thing about with this is that we're going to have 10 episodes that I believe will all drop at the same time… Everything counts in 10 episodes. Everything counts."

Though there will be tighter storytelling, and perhaps more adult content thanks to Netflix's lack of restrictions, Ellis wants fans to know that the show is not getting an extreme makeover. “One of the things that we have to be careful about as well is that the reason the show was so popular was because of the way it was," he told Entertainment Weekly. "So we don’t want to mess around too much with that… we'll be encouraged a little more to maybe explore the mythology than perhaps we were before."

And he's in no hurry to have Lucifer and Chloe embrace a romantic relationship. "I think it's the heartbeat of the show, Chloe and Lucifer's relationship," he told EW. "It wouldn't be very wise to get these two characters together now… When you get the characters together, ultimately that's kind of resolution. And you don't want resolution till the very, very end." But if/when that finally happens, "I am all for it."

Something else he is all for is Lucifer showing off more assets than viewers have previously seen. "I think Joe Henderson has made it his mission to show my butt at some point," he told TV Line. "I would like to think my bum is my best feature. I've been told that a few times, so I'm quite happy to do that. … I'll have it ready and shaved and prepped."

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