Lucky 18-month-old gets to live in AWESOME Legend of Zelda room

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:48 AM EDT (Updated)

Kids these days are so lucky. With young parents having grown up in the '80s and '90s, in the birth of modern geek culture, nursery designs are just getting cooler and cooler. Next up? The entire world of The Legend of Zelda, all packed into one lucky toddler's bedroom.

One awesomely nerdy family has created an elaborate room for their 18-month-old based on the Nintendo classic, with hallmarks all fans will recognize from the games—and of course Link is there, sneaking around a corner.

The young parents did the redesign themselves, and kept the costs to approximately $1,000, which ain't bad considering all the work that went into this baby geek oasis.

Jessica, the devoted geek mom, explained the construction process at length on her blog Dork on a Dime:

"Hubby and I wanted to create a fun and interactive dork room for our toddler that she (and the rest of our kids) can love for years to come. Because we KNOW we want 3 kids (Yes, I know. No, you can't change our minds.) when everything is said and done, I insisted this room be completed to accommodate two munchkins...

This room design, including the top bunk (that will fit the room's second twin bed eventually) and all the structural changes we made, cost about $1,000 total. This is comparatively more than the $300 spent on the Super Mario Bros Nursery, but we are still pleased with this budget makeover. It was much more intense and detailed than the first. We also made convenience a priority over cost since we built this room while chasing a toddler and managing through my second (and relatively harder) pregnancy. A lot of the furniture pieces, because of required maximum sizes for them to fit where they were destined, were purchased from IKEA and altered to fit our design."

Yes, the Zelda room is awesome. But is it as cool as the Lost-style DHARMA nursery, or this Star Wars nursery? You be the judge.

A full walk-through of the room is available here, and we've included five of the coolest pics in a gallery below.

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