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Luke Cage and bionic-armed Misty Knight kick butt in Season 2 pics

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Jun 21, 2018, 5:51 AM EDT (Updated)

We’d just gotten a teaser trailer for Netflix’s second season of Luke Cage when, sweet Christmas, we got some promo pictures for the show as well.

These photos show Luke Cage (Mike Colter) the hero and Luke Cage the everyman, a dichotomy that will be explored in the season kicked off with an episode directed by Lucy Liu.

Take a look:

Luke Cage barber

Source: Netflix

Luke Cage kids

Source: Netflix

But some of these photos include some of the violence fans of the Netflix Marvel universe have come to expect:

Luke Cage s2 fight

Source: Netflix

Luke Cage Misty Knight

Source: Netflix

This last one, with Misty Knight, is the kicker of the bunch. We’d previously seen Misty Knight’s bionic arm (courtesy of Finn Jones’ Danny Rand aka Iron Fist) after the Simone Missick-played character lost her real one during the finale of The Defenders, but not in action.

And definitely not breaking baddie ribs.

This scene looks even cooler because Cage is simply lifting a criminal a few feet off the ground — and that’s not even the foregrounded action. As the show heads towards its Heroes for Hire fate, it also hopes to inject new blood that’ll keep fans sated while they’re not at the theater watching Marvel’s other superteam.

Luke Cage returns to Netflix with a new season this summer on June 22.

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