Luke Cage star on his new Marvel series: 'It's geared towards an adult audience'

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Mar 3, 2015, 6:20 PM EST

We still have a while to wait until we see Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming Luke Cage series, but the man who is bringing the character to life has finally opened up about what fans can expect.

Mike Colter is making the rounds to promote his new project Halo: Nightfall, but IGN made it a point to ask him how prep work is going on his mysterious Marvel project. Daredevil is leading the charge on April 10, and Netflix is set to roll out Colter’s Luke Cage series, an AKA Jessica Jones series and Iron Fist series in the coming years — all leading to a Defenders miniseries.

It’ll probably be a year or two before we see Luke Cage in action, but Colter revealed that the series will apparently stick closely to the “adult” vein they’re tapping with Daredevil. According to what Colter has been told about the project, it sounds like these Netflix shows will definitely be very street-level and character-focused, which fits with the vibe we’ve already gleaned from Daredevil. Just don’t expect it to be the li'l Avengers, y’all.

Here’s an excerpt from Colter’s comments about the project via IGN:

“I'm excited about playing the character because I've read the comic books. They’re very detailed, gritty; the world they've written in the comic books is very clear. Marvel does a fantastic job about bringing human stories – because you're telling big stories with a heart at the centre of it – and that's what connects all of the characters to our audience members. Audience members have to feel connected with these characters, to make them relate to the character's situations and that's what you see with all of the Marvel characters.

What I’m most excited about is touching on what makes him tick. It feels good to get a character that has such a story, background, and history. And when I look at the scripts, I’m really pleased with it because it’s a slow-burn; there’s nothing happening really fast that gets ahead of itself. I’m really with where they’re taking it and how they’re developing the characters, because it’s really cool and it’s geared towards an adult audience, which is something that will be different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe you’ve seen before on the big screen. We have a more gritty, focused story on our heroes and characters that live in New York City, but it’s geared towards a more adult audience and I think that’s the thing about the series that will be different.”

So, what do you think of Colter’s take on Luke Cage? Which Netflix series are you most looking forward to seeing?

(Via IGN)