Meet Luna Snow: Marvel’s newest superhero is an ice-wielding, K-Pop superstar

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Jan 12, 2018, 4:13 PM EST (Updated)

Just what we always wanted but didn’t know we needed: an ice-wielding Marvel superhero who left behind her past life as a K-Pop superstar in order to start kicking butt in a mobile gaming universe… but not before cutting her own very real, and pretty catchy, K-Pop single as a love letter to her legions of fans.

That’s the way we’re choosing to interpret the lore behind Luna Snow, Marvel’s newest character addition to its ongoing Future Fight mobile game for Android and iOs. As part of Marvel’s emphasis on recognizing “local audiences’ request for culturally resonating characters that are also authentically Marvel,” it has partnered with Netmarble, the game’s Korean developer, to bring the new superhero into the fold.


The detailed setup for Luna Snow’s backstory actually leaves little wiggle room for interpretation. Under her given name, Seol Hee started down a path to a singing career in the hope of earning money to care for her aging grandmother, who’d raised her ever since her parents’ tragic deaths.

But it wasn’t long before a very Marvel-like turn of events altered that plan. Per Marvel’s character reveal:

When the science-obsessed organization known as A.I.M. ambushed a Stark Industries event where Seol was performing, Seol bravely attempted to defend the attendees, resulting in A.I.M. soldiers locking her in a hi-tech storage freezer. While trying to escape, Seol was exposed to the contents of an advanced cold-fusion energy experiment, which unexpectedly granted her control over frozen elements. Using her newfound powers to fight back, Seol surprised and defeated the A.I.M. forces’ attack.

From that point forward, Seol Hee has been known to the rest of the world as Luna Snow, and she’s made the most of it — not only as a superhero, but a superstar to boot.

Snow marks Marvel’s second addition to the expanding Future Fight roster, following last year’s inclusion of Sharon Rogers — the alternate-reality daughter to S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

With Rogers, Marvel demonstrated that it doesn’t mind using a character from its video game world to establish new lore that may cross over into other media, so we’re guessing we can expect the same from Luna Snow — a cue Marvel may subtly be sending by giving her a real K-Pop single here in this world.

After a promotional pre-registration period ends on Jan. 23, Marvel promises even more details about Luna Snow’s backstory. If ice dancing and crime-fighting sound like two things that should go together, you can pick up Marvel Future Fight now on Apple's App Store and at Google Play.

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