M. Night Shyamalan on new "cool and dark" Crypt Keeper for his Tales From The Crypt reboot

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Jan 14, 2016, 4:12 PM EST (Updated)

Word broke last week that M. Night Shyamalan was on board a reboot of HBO's Tales of the Crypt series for TNT as part of a complex deal with the cable network to produce supernatural content, and immediately I was ravaged by a nightmarish vision of the creepy Crypt Keeper puppet at the bottom of that spiraling flight of stone cellar stairs.  It's an indelible image that elevated the rotting, pun-ripping emcee to pop-culture celebrity status.


However, I can breathe a heavy sigh of relief, because the bare-skulled likeness voiced by John Kassir is the official legal property of HBO and therefore cannot be used in Shyamalan's resurrection of the horror anthology.

The original TV series ran on HBO from 1989 to 1996 and even spawned a pair of feature films.  It was based on the old EC Comics horror tales and featured a wise-cracking dungeon master who introduced each eerie episode.  In the confusion after the press release broke, Shyamalan took to Twitter to clarify that there would be a brand-new Crypt Keeper to host his spook show on TNT, most likely more in keeping with the hooded ghoul beside a fireplace that graced the pages of those vintage comic books, though no one is certain yet.


Exactly what the show's precise format will be, what this new Crypt Keeper will look like and who will voice him are still to be determined, but we'll be following this macabre mystery with keen interest and will let you know when the cobwebs part and more is revealed.  But cool and dark is a pretty good start!

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