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Macaulay Culkin really wants to play a wizard in Fantastic Beasts 3

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Sep 28, 2018, 11:30 AM EDT

Macaulay Culkin is angling for a role in the Wizarding World. Culkin, the 38-year-old former child star remembered for films like Home AloneThe Pagemaster, and Saved!, recently revealed that he was repeatedly offered a key role in the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, only to turn it down.

Earlier this week, he tried to get a shot at another key frachise by going straight to its creator: Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts writer J.K. Rowling.

Culkin opened with a defense of sorts in an apparent attempt to curry favor with Rowling, who wrote all seven Potter novels and has transitioned into screenwriting for the Fantastic Beasts prequel film series. After the latest trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald trailer arrived this week and revealed that the Dark Lord Voldemort's pet snake and Horcrux Nagini had once been a human woman, many fans decried the controversial choice as unnecessary and even racist. Culkin agreed with Rowling's choice, then decided to push for a chance at a part in the Crimes of Grindelwald sequel.

Culkin even reached out to real-life friend Dan Folger, who plays Jacob Kowalksi in the films, to ask if he could help him in his quest.

Fogler was happy to help out, or at least to play along, and noted that Culkin could show up at the American wizarding school introduced by the films.

He also noted, and was probably not the first to do so, that Culkin definitely has the look of a potential Malfoy.

It's hard to tell how serious Culkin is about this. He could have just been goofing around on Twitter, but even if he was, he could also actually be calling agents in private asking if there really is a way to make this happen. He's already got at least one other Harry Potter connection, as Home Alone director Chris Columbus directed the first two films in that series, so perhaps he could make another connecting call there. Whatever the case, he definitely seems enthusiastic.

Rowling, for her part, has not replied to his tweets as of this writing.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald opens November 16.