Machines have to obey in first trailer for PS4's Detroit: Become Human

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Jun 21, 2016, 2:44 PM EDT

During last week’s E3 2016, PlayStation debuted the first trailer for Detroit: Become Human, a new video game hailing from the same developer that gave us Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, Quantic Dream.

Detroit: Become Human is described as a neo-noir thriller set in a near-future, dystopian Detroit. You play as Connor, an android detective whose specialty is to hunt down his own kind who’ve turned “deviant.” There will be many outcomes in the game, depending on the choices Connor (aka YOU) make during the narrative. Here’s what Quantic Dream director David Cage said of the upcoming game:

Inspired by our short called “Kara” back in 2012, Detroit is a neo-noir thriller set in the near-future city of Detroit. Androids, who look exactly like human beings, have replaced humans in most tasks: they are workers, babysitters, gardeners, nurses, teachers, clerks. The story of Detroit starts with an unexplained incident that begins to affect the Androids. Some disappear without any explanation, others have unexpected behaviors and strangely show signs of emotions. The rumors of “deviant” androids start spreading, but no one seems to know what’s really happening…

Detroit is about emotions, about dilemmas and making difficult decisions. Detroit is not just the story of androids becoming aware of themselves and their fight to be free, it is about a story that resonates at many levels in our world, about being free, about becoming who you are.

The game is built on a brand-new engine that will have a lot of advanced features, including “new renderers, a new dynamic lighting engine, physically-based shaders, physical cameras, and much more cool stuff.”

It’ll take between eight and 10 hours to complete, with loads of replay value thanks to the numerous possibilities available to you depending on your various choices during the game. The scene in the trailer below? That scenario has six possible outcomes. Check it out:


I don't know about you, but this is giving me a whole lotta Blade Runner mixed in with Almost Human feels. How about you? Is Detroit: Become Human a game that'll land on your to-buy list?

(via Bloody-Disgusting, PlayStation Blog)